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Default 10D & green tint? Keep an eye out for it.

I have had a 10D for about 6 weeks now and I have noticed that every pic I take needs to be "fixed" in photoshop by removing green. I have gone through the:

- Using custom WB with a gray card
- I reset the camera to factory defaults
- the green cast is there in both RAW and JPEG images
- It's not a monitor problem
- Changing the custom settings doesn't help.
- It doesn't show up taking a pic of a Macbeth chart, but in "real world" pics it's in every single picture.

Has anyone else seen this?

One of the groups in yahoo is discussing this topic, but no conclusions as of yet. Not everyone is seeing this, but a few are (at least 2 including me).

I guess I should be happy that the thing is still working, and not having an airy disk problem, or dying when the battery dies or spots or chromatic aberations....

I am going to try and contact Canon tomorrow.. Let's see how that goes...

Thanks for any feedback,
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Default examples

Post an example with exif data intact would help . Also what lens are you useing and does it happen with all lenses if you have more than one?
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Default green tint in all images: final conclusion

I sent a few images to a good friend of mine who happens to be an imaging scientist at a company known for imaging and his response was that all of the images have 20-30 counts higher green than they should have. So:

After talking with Canon and the dealer where I purchased the camera: the conclusion: camera was defective. I now have a new 10D and it is FANTANSTIC. I see what all of the hype is about. What great images!

All is well now.

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