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So far I'm happy with it. I didnt get to use it much. I got it with the 17-85 IS lens. Was $1299.

So far the only problems I've come across is

1) That grip is bad. I have small hands but my pinky still hangs on the bottem.

2) If holding the camera and viewing the shots on it, my tip of my middle finger hurts like heck after a min. the full weight of the camera rests on that part as your hand "hooks" the camera to keep it in your hands while your thumbs operate the buttons.

3) Nose grease WILL get on the lcd screen every single time.

4) What every other Nikon person will tell you. The viewfinder is small. And since my eyes are bad, if I remove my glasses the diopler(sp) wont focus enough for me. But thats the same for any camera.

Here's an interesting story on the pickup of the camera. Since it was on a waiting list at this camera store my name was on the bottem but he gets multiple shipments in a week for the XTi so I was told I would get mine this week. By the net day he said one came in for me. Yay. I went down to pick up the camera the next day (today). He sold the camera to me as a body only for $799 (box said 18-55mm lens, but he removed it) I then opted for the 17-85mm IS lens. Ended up paying $1299. Which sounded fair. His store, like most small stores (btw, in Hawaii, although his store is small, hes one of the ONLY camera stores left) has a no return policy. So I wanted him to test it. So he allowed me to open the box. I was so nervous I dropped the lens cap from the lens and scared me to death. Anyways, I put it on and turned it on. Everything was fine. But I saw a hot RED pixel stuck on the screen. :sad: I showed it to him and he said "Well that don't look good does it?" Without me asking, he pulled another and swapped it! Now that was nice of him! Then after the sale was done, he knew I had so much questions stuck in my head about what else I should buy, he gave me a hard cover book titled "EF Lens WORK III" He said I cant buy the book but he would give it to me. Its 240 pages of all the different lens and shows you pictures of how that lens would look. Also has a whole area on how to use apature, macro, shutter, etc. I love it!

I still need to buy a 4gb card, deside on a external flash and a zoom lens. But this camera shop has my business for now on.
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