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Canon could make a firmware upgrade to incorporate the dust delete ref shot feature from the 400d. That would at least allow auto deletion when a few spots of dust and delay sending back for a clean. The dust delete data from the ref shot is put in the EXIF header data and has a negligible effect on image size. Back on the PC the software from the 400d can then automatically remove the dust using the ref shot data passed over.
Canon have said that this can be done:

Hi David,

I have spoken to the Canon European Specialists about the Dust Delete Data and whether this is could be incorporated into older cameras such as the EOS 20D or EOS 30D. They have advised me that at this point in time it is unlikely that this feature will be incorporated into the older cameras. However, depending on the success of this feature in the EOS 400D and the demand from users of older EOS DSLR cameras to have this feature, it may implemented at some point in the future. Unfortunately there is no information to suggest if and when this may happen.

The only alternative at this stage would be to use third party "Dust Mapping" software on a computer, assuming such software is available. Canon are not aware of any such software, however it may be worth you investigating further.

I have contacted the Canon UK Marketing department and asked for someone to contact you regarding the other issues we discussed.
Kind Regards,


Paul Wotton
Product Support Specialist
Canon Consumer Imaging
Canon UK RCC (Elstree)


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Or, just clean your sensor. Having a correct image at capture time is always preferable to correcting it with software.

I don't know why everyone is so afraid of this. I had to clean the sensor on my 20D a week ago. It needed a thorough wet-cleaning. The whole process took less than 1/2 hour.

Now, if the technology to self-clean the sensor proves to work then that is a bonus. But, I just don't see why spending 1/2 hour cleaning your sensor every few months is such a big deal. It takes more time to wash my car :roll:

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Have always been quite nervous of doing this - dire warnings from Canon and only just out of my 2 year warranty period (last clean done for free).

What kit & technique do you use?


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Copperhill - just do a search on this and other forums or even google and you'll see a lot about it.

In general, cleaning the sensor should follow the following progression - stop the progression when the dust is gone.

1. Use a blower (doNOT use compressed air)

2. Use a sensor brush - you want a brush specifically designed for this not any old brush. The idea is the brush gets charged with static electricity and particles jump on the brush rather than really sweeping them away.

3. Use a wet method - sensor swab with special tissue using special fluid. Do NOT use lens fluid on a sensor.

The amount of pressure you use is probably somewhere between the light strokes of a paint brush and the pressure of using a pencil eraser.

I don't have an issue doing this, but then again you have to be good with dealing with small things - i.e. if you're heavy handed you may have problems and could, in fact, damage something.
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I've never used anything more that a bulb blower to clean my 20D or digital rebel. takes about 2 minutes, and you're ready to go.
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Yeah, I like the idea of the anti-dust system "shaker", but I don't really see the software kludge as being of any real interest.

I've wet-cleaned my 20D about 5 or 6 times in 2 years. Use the blower once a month or so.

Total time spent cleaning is about 1 hour over the whole period. I frequently spend more than that on post-processing a single photo.

Not a big deal. IMO.

Actually I happen to think the Sigma method on their new SD15 i.e. putting a dust sheet a few cm away from the sensor is a very clever solution!!
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I rather do it myself than let some piece of software do it and I am a software eng. I used to be scared about sensor cleaning but when I did it using copperhill method, the actual cleaning only took less than 5mins.

Now dust-buster feature won't be bad to have but unless you change lenses quite often in inclement weather, and shoot only landscapes, dust is NOT as big a problem as made up to be. It doesn't even show up in regular shots.
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i like the SD14(Sigma's ) feature. I am guessing its a film that covers the sensor which can be manually set on when changing lens.

And one can be happy to clean this film with more independence than the sensor itself.

This is a very good feature and one can really forget about those dust vibrators etc.

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Thanks for your advice. Bought the kit ("Just) with correct size sensor wand and a pack of Pec Pads with the Eclipse cleaning fluid.

Took 5 or 6 attempts (new Pec Pad each time) to get it fully clean and (foolishly) cleaned the prism once which increased contamination.

Sufficient confidence to tackle this on a regular basis and muche better than sending pack and paying Canon etc. Fully charged battery or mains connection is of course very important to avoid possibility of camera closing up during a clean!

Cheers for your advice.

Dave Orr.

PS Deeply unimpressed with the image quality of an EOS 400d and took it back within 48 hours; might have had a wrong'un. If you are used to a 20d build quality and male hand ergonomics, the 400d has to be built down to meet the price point and it does show.
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Hi all! I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Joey Mills from Hardy Va. and own my own photography business and I'm the track photographer of Franklin County Speedway in Franklin Co. Va. This being said I take quite a few pictures at the speedway and with dust, smoke, pollen, changinging weather conditions and speedy dry on the track after accidents these all present me with a plethora a ways to get dust and other foriegn bodys on my digital sensor. I have been able to clean my sensor beleive it or not with a very techinical tool from our kitchen, a plastic knife which measured exactly 14mm across in the middle of the blade. So I cut it off to a nice straight edge and sanded with a very fine grit sand paper and then polished the end on some cotton fabric. I used a silk eye glass rag and eclipse fluid and presto done. The first time I was scared to death but now its just like cleaning my lenses now. I would however suggest you buy the sensor wand it will do you a much better job. I will add though, and this made it a bit easier for me to clean my sensor, what we refer to in our cameras when we set the camera to clean is really not the sensor it is just a piece of glass a filter which sets a top the ccd or cmos, of course if you damage this it is still costly to replace. Have fun all and thanks for letting me register on your forum.
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