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New poster here.
Finally got a 350 and it looks like I have some "stuck" pixels. They are white but they don't show up on all pics, but some. In the same area not exactly same place. I haven't checked all the longer exposures. So far I tried the cap covering, can't see them then, and at longer exposure, doesn't show up, high ISO, doesn't show up.

I only have a couple of days to return it and get a new one. Is this somehing that will get worse or ? Should I try to return it and get another one?

After playing with the old S60 and the oooold Konica SLR, I'm thrilled over this one, will take me some time to get to know all the "thingys" .

Advice please, it's fixable in PS but if it's going to get worse....hmmm...then I have to take my new friend back.

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Stuck pixels shouldn't get worse. At least, I've never heard of it happening.

If it's not that many, I wouldn't return it. A new camera could have other, worse problems than you'd have to deal with.

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Hmm...I'm thinking if they were really stuck pixels, they'd remain in the same place all the time. Are you sure it's not dust?
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Thank you!

I did some testing yesterday morning after posting. The white pixels might be dust, not sure, but at long exp , 30 sec at ISO 200 and up, I get the blue ones.
I'm going back today to switch camera but will ask them to keep this one if the other one seems to be worse.

Really not that big of a problem, I guess. It's just that I expect it to be flawless when brand new.

When it comes to the higher ISO, that's nothing that bothers me too much since I prefere 50/100, maybe sometimes 200, but the longer exp I'm more interested in.

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