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Is there any reason why Canon never added IS/AS to the 400D? A lot of of similar cameras now seem to be getting it as standard. I have a 350D and would swap it in an instant if the 400D had IS/AS. Whereas I don't think at the moment it's worth the swap.
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do a search. This topic has been debated ad nausium with answers ranging from "canon believes in lens is vastly superior" to 'technology only works for 1.6 size sensors, not 1.3 or full frame" to "it doesn't make economic sense since Canon keeps churning out IS lenses and charging a premium for them", etc, etc, etc.
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Yep, quick answer is that Canon make more money on lenses than bodys so won't put that in jeopardy. You will notice that the 2 big playersare sticking with lens IS rather than body IS as they have a large portion of the market tied up if you want high quality lenses.
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I wonder if the extra circutry gives off heat ( adds noise )2. Adds to initial cost and repairs 3. Fast IS* lens are like diamonds ( forever )4. Marketing* differencial. 5 IS lens may not work correctly with IS bodies and thereby make a lot of Canon owners ticked.* or All of the above
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