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If I get a Canon XTI body for $650, would it be possible to get (2) lens plus the body for under $1,100 ? The lens I would like is one for standard picture taking and another for macro and telephoto shots (equailvalent to 12x on a p&s)

Is this reasonable? If so, would lens would you recommend?
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2 quality lenses that may fit your budget:

Tamron 17-50mm f2.8
Sigma 70-300mm APO DG Macro (make sure you're getting the "APO" version)

BTW, unless you're purchasing the XTi body from Dell w/ a 20% off coupon or purchasing a used XTi, $650 is a very low price for this camera...hope you're not getting duped. Legit online stores sell them for $750 to $799. Checkout the store at resellerratings.com if in doubt.
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Dell currently has the XTi body for $719 US, plus you can get a 20%, free shipping.
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I am currently saving up for the Canon xTi also. I am going to purchase the silver body only ($719.00) because from the reviews Ive read the kit lens is lowsy. And I found out that the Canon 50mm F1.8 lens is only $76.96. That is extremely cheap and it has gotgreat reviews. The glass is great but the build quality isnt that impressive but for $76.00 what can you expect. That way I can start shooting right away while I save up for more lenses. Canon also makes a decent camera backpack for $35.00. All these are current prices at Amazon.com.

Best regards,

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I recently bought the xTi/400D body and after weighing up all the options chose the Sigma 17-70 f2.8 to go with it.It cost more than I originally planned but considering the benefits is well worth it. It gives a great wide to short tele range and has macro capability, focusing down to 20 cm !
Most importantly, the image quality is fantastic.
The Sigma 70-300 will cover me for longer range stuff but that can come later when funds allow.
It's a superb camera so give it the best glass you can afford
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Thanks for all the replys. I decided not to get a DSLR this time. I will wait until my wife gets out of school. If I purchase now, im restricted to a low budget (in terms of DLSR equipment) I would rather wait so I can spend more money on better lens, rather than spend the money I have on "ok" lens. I decided to get a Canon S3. Its a good step up from may Canon A70, and there are some pretty good reviews on it. Another good thing is that I can add a teleconverter lens with an adapter, as well as some filters.

Thanks again for the replys.
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