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Took those pictures with Tamron AF55-200mm F/4-5.6 LD MACRO Di II , Some of you are probably considering buying a zoom lens and having hard time to decide which one to buy and how much to invest, I am giving you a peep of what this baby lens can do, and help you decide. I am very happy with this lens overall, it is sharp even at 200mm, and for the price I paid it is realy a gem !.

I compared alot of lenses even Sigma 70-300mm APO version and the other Tamron lens the 70-300mm and after reading tons of reviews and forum posts and comparing the lenses that my friends have, I've decided that this one performs better that the others for a lower price, I eve compared them to lenses that cost three times more and wasn't convinced at all that it will triple the quality of the pictures in terms of sharpness and color and contrast. So if you are into having a lens just to look 'Pro' that is up to you and your wallet for me it is all about the final image that I am showing to friends and family and becuase technology changes in the speed of light I rather preffer to invest my money wisely and carefully and most of all enjoy photography, cause new bodies and lenses will be out there every year with new technologies and new developments that will put your current gear into another prespective. So I hope that I contribute a bit to some of this forum members, and good luck choosing... Let start:

Mini Review TamronAF55-200mm F/4-5.6 LD MACRO Di II

I hope that you agree that the sharpness of the photo is great and the lens sells for 170$ at Amazon.

Original (108mm):

Crop 100%:

After USM in photoshop:

A cat: Colors are so natural, usually you can not just see the natural colors but feel it cause you eyes are used to see nature and when you see a photo that the colors doesn't really fit you can sense it almost right away. Like this one. :-)

Boat original (200mm):

Crop 100%:

Tower original (200mm):

Tower 100% crop:

Fisherman (200mm): If you look pretty well you can even see the wire, and believe me that it is realy thin.

Garden (55mm):

The colors are true match for the original scene, something that was a big plus in my decision. By the way a friend of mine has a Nikon D80 and we shot the same scene with same paramteres as possible and his photos wasn't close in colors terms to the scene, the green as in many photos I've seen from Nikon, doesn't look natural and you can see it very good when there are lots of greens in the photo, like this one. So kadus Canon ! - Anyways lets continue... (BTW: we both have the same Tamron lens)

Garden 100% crop (no usm applied):


[:G] Very detailed images, also sharp at 200m !
Colors are true to scene, no color cast
Good built, doesn't fill cheap
Zoom ring is smooth and handles well
Comes with a lens hood.
Low price
Bokeh is very nice and smooth

[:sad:] Purple fingering is average
Manual focus ring is small, not easy to use
Slow, not the best lens for indoors (pay much more if your want a fast lens)

Conclusion: Iam recommending this lens for people who don't want to invest over 300$ for a zoom lens and wants The Bestlow price lens that can deliver really amazing images and a quality that is far above this price range. Go and get one, You will be happyyou did !

Best Regards,

Idan S.

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Thanks for the review. As a new owner of a Rebel Xti/400D, it's a lens I'll now consider. But... the close up photos of your PC left me feeling nauseus. Jeez man-- clean that nasty thing!
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it is not my computer and not my house, buy nice try
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