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Many users who like the idea of backing up their "pro" cams with the newer smaller DSLR's may find themselves considering the optional grips on the market. Of course there are original OEM grips and some aftermarket grips as found on eABY and those sold on several photo websites. I came across a EOS Rebel XT/XTi compatible grip by Targus sold at B&H. It seems to be a Chinese copy of the Canon grip and seemed like a better buy at $99 as opposed to the $139 Canon version. Having spent thousands already on photo gear, I opted for the cheaper Targus unit as I didn't see a reason to spend the extra $40 for what seemed to be the same type of product.
Well after arriving home with my new XTi and Targus grip I noticed the power light on the camera wasn't working right- it was dropping the power intermittently. I initially thought it was the XTi and was about to box it up for a return to B&H. I replaced the battery arrangement back to the stock setup and noticed the power was working correctly- this of course lead me to believe the Targus grip was the culprit and the Canon camera was fine. After some careful examining I noticed the Targus plate where the tripod screw mounts the grip to the camera was loose and I thought a simple tightening was in order to get everything back to normal. It turned out every screw was loose because the plastic tabs they screw into were broken- every one of them!! The Targus unit seems to have a fatal flaw in this setup. Even if a user get's one that isn't broken- it's a matter of time before that plate rips the screws out of the plastic threaded area.....beware the Targus Battery Grip....it's far too fragile and dosn't seem to be worth the $40 savings......as for me- I'll be getting a new Canon grip tomorrow AM.......sometimes it just pays to spend a little more for the "real" thing- and in this case- the OEM is the better deal!

Note: I'm sure some here may be using the Targus unit with success- and it will work initially- the problem is if the grip unit gets a sharp bang or if it is removed a few times it seems only a matter of time before the unit strips the plastic bosses that hold the tripod screw onto the XT/XTi bodies. Just a bit too much pressure on the screws and it will surely strip those screws out.....I'm not sure how well the Canon unit is made but after a search on several threads revealed others having problems with their "aftermarket" grips- I think it's a safe bet to use a genuine Canon unit.

By the way- if anyone has a Targus unit they can't return, I think if you "super-glue" the plate on and screw the grip gently onto the body- it should work fine.

I hope this info helps anyone considering these after-market units......this was just my experience with the Targus unit but I thought I'd post my experience for those considering them.
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The only after market grip that you should have bought was the OPTEKA Grip. It is Identical to the Canon grip. It goes for about $80.00 with two after market batteries.

The are I think three aftermarket grips out for the 350/400. One of them only holds one battery.

If you feel more comfortable with the Canon one then by all means get it...

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My research has led me to find that the Opteka and Targus grips are indeed identical and just rebadged........in the end I just ended up super-gluing the bottom plate and it's been working fine.......if it ends up breaking down the road I'll just get a Canon grip.

Thanks for the reply.
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I own a Rebel Xt and i've been using the Targus Battery Grip for the last 3 months. Yesterday I was taking some shots using my camera attached to a tripod, and all of a sudden, i heard a "click"!

After some examinations, i noticed that the battery grip was loose and that the metal plate attaching the battery grip to the camera was loose. when i opened it, i found out that the plastic attachments were destroyed.:sad:

i tried to repair it by using Chemical metal to join the metal plates, but i didn't succeed. Do you have any suggestion on what type of 'glue' is the best to attach these plates?????????

thanks a lot!

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I have the Opteka version of this grip.

Although mine works well and I have had no problems so far, I would say that this grip is a long way from the Canon standard of workmanship.

Firstly, I suspect the quality of the plastic is not up to Canon standards. Plastic that looks the same can be very different in strength.

The switches feel different to the camera ones, the shutter release button being quite hard to press. The knurled wheel is uneven, ie stiff at one point and easy at another.

Although this is a good attempt at a copy, I think the Canon one is worth the extra, especially as it has now come down in price.
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