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Any pointers to flash photography using the sigma flash. This is the first time i am using an external flash. The manual that came with sigma is not informative.

Can u guys help me out with some pointers to some tutorials/ About flash adjustments etc.

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that's a bit of a loaded question. The manual is poor I'll grant you. BUt it tells you how to set the various functions well enough. It just doesn't tell you WHY you should set them.

I suggest you leave the flash in ETTL mode and use it like that with only FEC adjustments to control output. Here's a decent thread going discussing FEC:


I would also suggest bouncing the flash whenever possible -it provides much more even and less harsh lighting than a direct flash and you get less shadow.

I would also suggest a difuser of some sort - omnibounce or lumiquest - something that helps soften and spread the light.

Also, get a good set of NiMH batteries - preferably 2500 mah or better.

Also remember - in AV or TV mode the camera will set aperture/shutter to achieve a proper exposure as if you were not using a flash at all and the flash will operate as a fill flash. If you want to use the flash as the main source of light then it's best to shoot in manual mode. A great example is a party. In those situations, I find the following to be a good starting point:

1. Set camera in Manual Mode, ISO 400 (to allow some ambient light in so background isn't so dark).

2. Set aperture according to the DOF you need/want

3. Set shutter speed to around 1/60 - 1/125 (whatever you're comfortable hand holding)

4. bounce the flash with a diffuser

5. Adjust FEC as needed based upon your situation (higher ceilings will require more FEC, etc...)

There are plenty of things in this setup you can tweak. But it's a good starting point for general, indoor, party flash photography
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While I agree with JohnG's comments, I'll add a couple.

Learn what the various screens on the back look like and how to switch between them so when you accidentally push a button and change something, you can get back. Don't be set up for wireless or manual and blame the flash for not working in ETTL.

Learn to use FP mode high speed flash so you can do flash fill in harsh sunlight. You paid for several options so you might as wel use one and this is the easiest.

Depending on which body you have, if available, I suggest you use FEC control on the body rather than on the flash. It is easier.

Emphasizing JohnG's suggestion: Use bounce flash with a diffuser. I rarely use direct flash. The worst diffuser is better than direct flash for 95% of the situations I find. There are many diffusers on the market but I prefer to make my own:
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You can try this Canon flash tutorial's lighting techniques.


Best way is to experiment.
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dr_spock, that's a great page you have and thank you for your ideas. I have a Metz 45 CT4 which has two flash heads and now that it doesn't work for the new Canon's E-TTL III have been disappointed with the results of my 420EX. I will try some of your ideas...
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