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Hi everyone,

I know this is a rather dumb question, but why is it that I have a sandisk ultra III (CF card) that is rated at 1GB but I can only take less than 220 shots in my rebel xti?????

Several times I have checked and reformat this card but I still get the same maximum# of shots which is either 230 shots or less. After I snap a shot, the number of shots left does not decrease by 1, infact it would decrease by either 2 or 4 sometimes.

How many shots can you guys take with a 1gb? I counted I should roughly get 300+or 290 shots with Large quality jpeg.

The usable space I get from my 1GB if I checked on the PC is 964mb which if I devide by 3mb average photo size = 320

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Well, it depends on JPEG vs. RAW and also on what ISO is being used.

You already indicated you're using JPEG.

Now, I shoot a 20D and get 580 jpegs on a 2gb card at ISO 200 or less. So, half of that is 290. Given the fact my cameraa is 8mp and the XTi is 10 I would say 230 is about right.

So, your experience seems consistant with what I'm getting with my 20d
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I agree with everything JohnG said. In addition to the varying sizes due to using different ISOs, the size of a jpeg can vary depending on the contents of the photo itself.
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John and Sandman thanks for the replies! I will keep note of this do some more testing.
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That's about what I get with my XTi. If you need more photos per card then you'll need to lower the quality of the photos to get more.
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