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JimC, I posted my reply in a new topic as I dont want to hijack this post.

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Jim, Thanks for your explanation.

I am very much appreciated your response.

But, if you're shooting in light so low that you need a 1/2 second exposure at f/2.8 with an FZ30 shooting at ISO 200 (I'm guessing that's probably what you find to be the limit of acceptable noise), you'd only be up to a shutter speed of around 1/15 second shooting at ISO 1600 and f/2.8 in the same conditions. You'll get a lot of blurry photos shooting at 1/15 second if your subjects are not still, even using a tripod, and you really don't want to use ISO 3200 in light that low unless you really have to.

Mostly, my subjectsare in still so 1/15 sec is not a problem for me even without the tripod. I can hold the camera

Actually, I can live with noise images but not with blurry images. Noise can be reduce by using noise reducing programs like Neat image, Noice Ninja etc. So noise is not a big dealfor me. Only the problem is blurry images that I got when I took the pictures without using the tripod in the low light condition.Even the subject was still, because of the longerexposure time (lower shutter speed) I couldn't hold the camera steady and got blurry images.. If I use zooming in this situation, more blurry photos that I got. I can use faster shutter speed (like 1/15 or faster) in DSLR because of the high ISO.

But, if you're shooting in light *that* low (1/2 second exposures at f/2.8 with an FZ30), you may need more than f/2.8 to have a chance at good photos without a tripod or flash (and a tripod won't help for moving subjects).
More than f/2.8 meansI need to use f/1.8 or more... So I need a DSLR with the prime lens like Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lensand definitely the outcomes will be better than FZ30 (which has f/2.8 the larger aperture).

What kind of photos are you looking to take?

Low light conditions that I said here is the same lighting asin the museum, inside the church, library, night club with dim lightetc. My FZ30 is useless in these places. Even in my room with two fluorescent lightings (2x40 watts), I got the blurry photos if I use slower than 1/2 sec exposure.OnlyDSLR can do the job I guess. (I already have FZ30so I will not buy P&S like Fuji F30 (some says that this is good in low light), Canon G7 etc I willonly move up to the upper level DSLR. But I am new to DSLR so I will go with Canon 400D or Nikon D50 (one reasonis my limited budget). I like D70s but I have small hands so I think only these two are suitable for me.

Any suggestions?

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