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Just took my new 20D outside for a while, and it began to rain. I know that the 20D isn't weather sealed, but what can I put it through without damaging it?

I plan on using common sense, but if I'm shooting outside in drizzle / light rain, am I going to run into any issues?
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any moisture is a real bad idea. if you have lots of money to burn and can repair or replace your camera go ahead otherwise why take the chance?
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I've shot with my cameras for well over 40 years in all kinds of weather, and have yet to have any that needed repairs if common sense is used ... a strategically placed towel or piece of plastic can work wonders, but in a driving or heavy rain there is a better way.

With all my cameras, and dSLRs including the 30D, if the weather is extremely bad I will bag the camera in a large clear plastic Ziploc bag with a hole cut or tornin the end and my UV/Haze filter screwed over the lens ... a rubber band (or catch the plastic in the filterthreads) holds the bag in place. I can see and use all my controls with no problems. In fact I carry a clear bag with all my cameras always, for just that purpose.

Of course, if they are to getextremely wet, such as when I am diving, I use a hard waterproof case ... but EWA Marine soft bags work just as well (I just do not trust them at any great depth).
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I also have used a bag to keep the water off it. When I used my 20D (its now my backup camera) I paired it with a water proof lens. The lens stuck out the bag, and that worked. Needless to say, I dried it off when I got into my car (I keep a towel in my car at all times.)

It is not a waterproof camera so I would not suggest using it in even a mild rain or mist. Might you get away with it? Maybe, but I certainly wouldn't risk it. And any thing more than "mist" I don't even consider.

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as everyone said, plastic bag works really well. But as always one should be extremely careful.

Best way to use is carry an umbrella apart from the plastic bag, just make sure no direct water drips over the camera.

It worked well for me with my 30D.

U shud always know that ur taking a big risk. So u gotto answer urself if its worth it.

Sometimes it is...i wish i had the 1ds or the 1D mark II with my L lens's.
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i got a "rain jacket" for my camera from BH Photo Video for fairly cheap... also, i try to keep the extra silica packets {from shoes, backpacks etc} and i can throw them in with the lenses inthe case.. also, [unused ] diapers help keep moisture @ bay. but those, i would only use when at home - wrap em up, secure with a rubber band - for me, living in the carribean in a high moisture environment, ive had to come up with inventive uses

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