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I'm looking at the Rebel XTi as my first DSLR... but I don't quite get why the black body is quite a bit more expensive than the silver...

I get that people likely like the black body better (I do), but is "like" really worth around $50 to people? Is it a better material, is it lighter/heavier? Is it really anything other than asthetics?

Enquiring minds want to know

(and, Happy Holidays, everyone!)

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There is no difference. The pricing is what the market will bear, and while many do not care about color, quite a few of us do.And black seems to have that "professional" standing.

So the companies have figured out that there are those who will pay more for black, which is in "limited" supply compared to the common silver models.

Hey, why is the common shirt, that costs just as much to make, cheaper than the "dress" shirt. What is of value to the purchaser and what the purchaser is willing to pay drives prices up or down. Search on the cost of making medicinal pills. Pennies. But if one will save your life, that one is priced waaaay higher. That kind of pricing holds true across all free marketing.

And when it comes to off white, I will pay more for THOSE Canon lenses (of course, they are not available in sun-heating black)! A black Canon with a big off-white lens! Professional!

Anyway, the XTi is a great camera with many of the features of my 30D and 2mp more to boot. If you purchase it, you will surely love it.

And get it in black!:G

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It's personal preference and manufacturer charging extra like metallic paint on automobiles. Basically are you willing to spend extra for your choice of color?

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