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I have a 10D with battery grip. If I upgrade to a 5D with a full frame imager will My lens work correctly? ( Sigma 15-30, 28-135, 70-300) I don't think the grip will transfer over? I bought everything new a few years ago when the 10D came out.

I have right at 5000 pictures taken with the 10D now and don't have many complaints. Is there an average shutter life cycle?

On anther note I kept my EOS 35mm body as a back up and now find that I can not adjust the appeture in manual mode. Am I missing something here? I thought Canon would have kept their bodies and lens more compatable. I understand that Nikon did a much better job at compatability?

I just hate to think of spending that much money again. I don't think my wife willgive me any green spend lights in the near furture.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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Old Dec 26, 2006, 10:47 PM   #2
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If I'm not mistaken the 5D should handle all lenses made with the Canion EF mount. With a FF your lenses will work exactly the same as with your 35mm EOS. there will be no crop factor. 18 mm will be a true 18mm. Don't know about the battery grip but, I doubt it will fit to the 5D. As for shutter life, I really don't think anyone really knows for sure. But I would think a good 30K to 40K shots should go well if not a 100K, that's my 2 cents worth.

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Old Dec 27, 2006, 11:37 AM   #3
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Yes, your lenses will fit. Will they work is a different issue and somewhat subjective. The most problematic will likely be the Sigma 15-30. I used to have a 10D and the same Sigma (I also had the Canon 28-135). The Sigma was an adequate to good lens on a crop factor camera. The problem with using it on a 5D is that the full frame will expose any weakness in the glass, especially (and most likely) at the edges. You will gain a "real" wide angle lens at 15mm, but the edge results (soft?) and possible vignetting may not be good. The 28-135 is a good all-around lens, but again, may be exposed by the full frame sensor on a 5D (or any full frame camera).

Going to a 5D is a significant cost increase over the 10D, so making that committment would imply a similar committment to better glass to take real advantage of the better potential. Personally, I sold my 10D and lenses when I bought my 5D. It was a $$$ eater, but I went to the L glass lenses (24-105 L, 100-400 L and 135 f2/L). To me, it just didn't make good sense to buy such an improved body and use lenses that probably couldn't match it in quality. Kind of like buying a Corvette, but going with the 6 cylinder option engine to save money.
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Old Dec 27, 2006, 2:40 PM   #4
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What type of photography do you shoot? With that collection of lenses, I assume it's not action shots?

Why I ask is because of what the 5D is intended for. It's more of a portrate, landscape type of camera. The 10D (the camera I started with as well), because of it's smaller sensor, isn't as good at those. You solved the biggest issue (needed a super-wide to make up for the smaller sensor) but you might find that it is too wide and will suffer from distortions when you use the 15-30 on the 5D.

Don't get me wrong, the 5D is an exelent camera. If it is a good match for what you want to photograph, then by all means, get it.

I think that Flint350 has a very good point, though, about the lenses you have.
The issue is this. The sensor is so good, so high resolution, that to really get the most out of that camera body (i.e. sensor) you need to match it up with really good lenses to get the best out of it. Because the optical quality (I'm not talking quality of picture, just things like sharpness, distortion, contrast issues, ....) will be limited by the lowest quality item between the camera and sensor. And when you jump up to the 5D, you will be putting lower quality lenses on a high quality camera... and you might not see the results you were hoping for.

Now, you can always get the camera, use what you've got, and then as you get better... if you find your lenses aren't as good as you need, then sell them and upgrade. That is a perfectly reasonable strategy (and it lets you delay some expenses.) But we mention this issue because you might find the 5D isn't doing as well as you had hoped, or as well as others are doing with it (because they have better lenses.)

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Old Dec 27, 2006, 3:56 PM   #5
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Most of what I shoot is landscape, wildlife, and flowers. I have been thrilled with the results from the 10D. I think the problem I have is I am a techie and I get the latest computers, TV's, Pda's, etc. so I am putting want before need.

Thank you all for your thoughts. I would love to have L series glass but unless I get serious about selling some pictures to pay for my hobby I will just have to be content. I think I have some pretty good lens, flash , and tripod. And I shoot more than I ever have inmy life.

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Old Dec 27, 2006, 4:11 PM   #6
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Personally I would wait and see if Canon introduce anything at the PMA event (either late Feb or early March I can't remember). I say this as I doubt you are exceeding the capabilities of the 10D and that there might be a 40D that will be a better option than the 5D. The reason I say this is you mention shooting wildlife which with the 5D will need longer lenses due to being full frame and for the landscapes the 1.6x crop is covered as you have the 15mm. As you are not a heavy user only having shot 5000 (that isabouta month for me when covering sports) then you will not be wearing out any camera for a long time and they are getting better all the time. The 5D and 30D both have a shutter life tested to 100,000 so no need to panic.

Assuming a new body does come out I would seriously consider that and then get better glass to go with it for wildlife and possibly a good macro as well with the money saved. This is probably better use of your cash and will give you more toys in total.
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Old Jan 2, 2007, 12:17 AM   #7
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If you have the money for a 5D, I would put that in buying some top-quality glass instead of upgrading your camera and see how your pictures improve with the 10D. (The 10D can take some excellent pictures!) Good glass will last you many years, and will keep its value (mostly). A new camera body is obsolete the day you buy it.

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Old Jan 7, 2007, 8:37 AM   #8
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I just wanted your opinion on the K10D. After much research, and deciding on the K10D, a friend who purchased a Canon Rebel XTi offered me a good deal on his camera, since he's moving up to a pro camera, but I thought the K10D would be a better camera, even though there is much talk about IQ on the K10D in JPG not being as good as folks would like. So the bottom line is ------ Would you purchase your K10D again and what are you unhappy with on it. Are your photos on the K10D crisp and clear with good color? I'm planning on birding photos in flight and the usual landscape and portrait photo taking stuff.

Jay D :|
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pclements is using a Canon 10D not a Pentax K10D.
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I've owned both cameras, 10D and 5D (still do).Both cameras are almost the exact same size, but the battery grip for the 10D won't work on the 5D. Of all the non-pro models the 10D bodyis the most sturdy. I did find that the 5D was quite an improvement over the 10D in IQ. I'd wait until after the PMA show in February. If you want more resolution (landscaping), you could consider getting the 30D replacement instead of keeping the 10D and getting better glass. I'd look to replace the telephoto lense with the savings on not getting the 5D. If you were shooting portraits, I'd say get the 5D.
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