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I just bought a Rebel XTI and I'm a complete newbie trying to learn more about digital photography. This is my first dSLR. I turned it the camera on and the LCD has a menu displayed. How do I get out of that menu so that the LCD would display the image when I'm shooting the picture? No matter what mode I switch to, the menu would stay there.

I know it's a stupid question, go ahead and laugh at me. But when you're done laughing, can you please tell me? :lol:Thank you.
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That feature is not supported by the XTi and practically all Digital SLRs. You'll have to use the optical view finder to compose your shot. Once you've taken the picture or pictures, you can review them on the LCD.

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as mentioned - no DSLR can do what you are asking, only P&S cameras can.

but trust me , after 1 day of using the optical viewfinder you will forget that you ever needed to use the LCD for composing a shot. you get used to if very fast.

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The LCD is only used for reviewing pictures and menus on the mass majority of DSLR 's. There is atleast one DSLR that lets you use it to compose like you speak of, it is the Olympus E330, it suffers from slightly darker viewfinder though as it splits the light up in order to do both.
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If you really got to have it:
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Not a stupid question at all. You have to use the viewfinder with a DSLR. Don't worry though, even if you are used to the LCD for composing your pictures. I have only handled a DSLR a few times... and they have absolutely beautiful viewfinders. I am very jealous in fact.

Using the viewfinder also helps to reduce camera shake.
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