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I want the bag to be cheap (under 40$) and be able to store Canon 400D + grip attached + lens attached (medium size) and one extra lens (medium size).

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"please advice.
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It's really the price that is the killer.

It would help if you said what type of bag you want. Do you want a backpack? Something over the shoulder? A waist bag?

I normally recommend LowePro bags, but they will not be in that price range... not even close.

If possible (noting where you live, this might not be possible) I definitely recommend you go to a store, bring your gear and try out some bags. This is crucial because your body is different than everyone elses and a bag which is good for me might not be good for you.

And the only way to figure this out is to try them.
If the store doesn't let you do that, then tell them they risk you return it (i.e. a loss of money for them 'cause they can't sell it as new) and see if they back down.

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I have the same basic set-up: 350D w/Grip and usually travel with Sigma 18-200 attached, which I think should be within the same size constraints you are looking at.

I recently got a Tamrac 5502 explorer 2, it was $35 plus shipping so ended up around $42.

fits the camera well and I have room for the 50mm and a flash. It is an over the shoulder hip bag with a comfortable strap and pockets for batteries and memory, it has loops to attach it to a belt if you prefer to wear it that way. I have a larger case as a comprehensive carrier of stuff, but the Tamrac is nice for light traveling. Seems to be decent quality as well. I don't know how much luck you are going to have finding it where you are located, but I figured I would add my 2c.

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So stay Canon, like I did months ago when it was $34 delivered from Amazon. It's still under $40: http://www.amazon.com/Canon-Deluxe-B...;s=electronics
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