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Recently, I bought a used 20D from a friend (I'd owned a Nikon D50 for about 10 months). However, no matter where I was with my Nikon, regardless of lighting conditions, I could clearly read the exposure information.

I've noticed that when I use my 20D outdoors, the viewfinder gets so washed out that I can't easily read my shutter speed, exposure compensation values, etc. A bit of experimentation showed that it seems to happen when there isn't a lot of light filling the frame (I could read it OK when pointed up at the sky, but when pointing it down at the ground, it was pretty rough to read).

Is there maybe a menu option that I'm missing? Or a viewfinder cup I can buy?


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I'm not sure what to tell you, mine seems pretty bright. I have an eyepiece extender (EP-EX15) on mine, but it doesn't make it brighter. It actually makes it smaller in the view finder.
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ive looked at all these cameras and find them fairly close as far as the viewfinder. lenses affect what you see alot too. a more open f2/8 is going to look brighter than a f 4 lens. there are aftermarket finder cups to help block out more light mainly for eyeglass wearers too. i wear glasses and i do find it harder to see all the info at the bottom of the veifinder. i know from experiance i could remove the padded "cup" and get my eye a little closer for a better view of the camera info. mostly im too busy with composing the picture to care what the viewfinder numbers are. i can get it into view with a little shift in eye position if i need to.
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Having used both the 20D and D50 I would not expect to see much difference in them so there might be an issue with the camera. Do you have different lenses to try on the 20D as there might bea lens issue? OK so that wasn't very conclusive but just trying to cover all possibilities.
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