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Hi, I know I'm going to get hammered on this one so please use rubber hammers only:?

I just got a rebel xt for christmas with a 18-55 canon lens. I would like to have a telephoto type to go with it. I had an old Chinon that I used a quantary 70-300 lens with and I loved the lens. it worked well for me. even if I couldn't use the af function.

Looking at the ads for a canon 70-300 with a price tag of 650.00 and then a quantary 70-300 for 150.00 I have no qualms with going with the quantary. I realize that the Canon has the IS which would be VERY helpful, it's just that I can't afford an extra 500.00 at this point. I'm struggling with just coming up with 150.00.

anyone know of a comparison on these? Maybe an other option than the quantary??:?

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you might also check out the Sigma and Tamron lenses. They do not have IS but are much better lenses than the Quantary, and cheaper than the Canon IS version.
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If you decide on the Sigma, make sure you get the"APO" version of the 70-300mm lens. It's about $200 brand new...a lot better quality than the Quantarray.
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In the end, this is a hobby for most all of us. Don't overextend yourself, but I'd exhaust the other third party lenses from Sigma, Tokinaor Tamron. Ifthe Quantaray is the right lens for you after checking everything elseout, go with it.
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You might find reviews of that lens here:

I know they have good info about the other third party brands.

Photography is partially about your standards. Buy what is good enough for your standards. For some, they wouldn't touch even the Sigma's listed. For others, the Quantary is just fine. Don't over spend, financial problems are the number one thing that breaks up relationships and such. Photography is fun, but it's not worth problems in your personal life for.

Save a little money each month and when your standards grow (which they hopefully will as you get better) then you might find that the Quantary isn't good enough any more. Hopefully you'll have saved enough money that you can sell the Quantary and buy something better.

In the end, people have taken great pictures with really cheap equipment - equipment worse than that Quantary. It might be easier with the good stuff, but it is *still possible* to learn and produce good stuff with any lens as long as it physically works.

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Well, you're probably not going to find a lot on the Quantaray - I don't even know if anyone but Ritz Camera sells is. It's usually made by Sigma or Tamron I believe.

If it's all you can afford, then by all means go with it. But typically what you'll see with a $150 telezoom is that it will be very soft wide open, probably softest in 200-300mm range and slow to focus (compared to better telezooms). You may also see pincushioning or barrel distortion.
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