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oldhippie wrote:
Oh, gee! ...and here I thought you were a child prodigy photographer with ooodles of money for lenses!! LOL!!

Nah . . . just someone enjoying the quasi empty nest syndrome. Amazing what we can do once the children are financially on their own!!! The equipment and play toys seem comparatively inexpensive. Wanted to see how a diesel worked, so bought a couple of older Mercedes to experiment on. Wanted to expand the flower gardens/beds so bought the abutting property (barn was the real catalyst). The wife will slow me down occasionally though.:lol:
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Cool, I'm not quite there yet. The kids are out of the house, but their bills keep coming to my house. What's with that!!

Well, they're on their way and a bit at a time they're becoming independent. Not quick enough for me to buy the new Harley, but at least I bought the 30D!

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