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Old Jan 10, 2007, 1:06 PM   #1
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A similar topic was started by pclements but my query is whether I would benefit from upgrading to a 5D as opposed to sticking with my 20D. The lens I have are the 24mm - 105mm f4L and the 70mm - 200mm f2.8L IS with a 1.4 extender. I would definately like the full frame of the 5D, but from time to time I shoot sports where the 5fps of the 20d and the extra length i get are real handy, but would the quality of my pics be that much better if at all?

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What does the 5D for you that the 20D doesn't?
The 5D's sensor should have more contract and probably more detail in the shots (I think the sensor is a higher resolution, but I haven't done the math.)

If you only do *some* sports, what else do you do? Landscapes? Portraits?

Those are good lenses, they should show the quality of the 5D quite well. (A cheap lens on the 5D will be lens-limited and therefor a waste of money.)

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Eric, I do a fair bit of cropping so thought I would gain a little on the extra pixels, although I realise if I can compose better in the first place that wouldn't be needed, but in fast team games like rugby that's easier said than done. I pushed the boat out a little when I purchased the lens I opted for, so I don't really want to buy another wide angle as the 24mm - 105mm would do me fine if I got the 5D. Some say 35mm (with the 1.6 factor) is boring but some of the landscape results I've had with my present lens are very good. The 3fps on the 5D wouldn't really be quick enough for fast action sports, soI think the answer is to wait while I get more money and get a 5D for landscapes, portraits etc,while still keeping my 20D for the action shots.Would you agree.
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Old Jan 11, 2007, 11:13 AM   #4
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5d is a good camera, but then so is the 20D/30D :-)

If you like the wide angle shots the 5d will make the 24mm look like a real nice wide lens.
But then you will lose the 1.6 crop boost you got form the 20D at the long end.
Bit of a tradeoff.

And as mentioned the 20D is a bit faster in frame rate if that is important to you.

The mp increase from the 20D to the 5d is not much of a resolution boost.
if I remember right, in this case it is about a 15% increase in liniar resolution.
It takes 4x the mp to double the liniar resolution. :shock:

Myself I am holding out for the next winter PMA2007 photoshow where many of the new announcements are made.

There are lots of rumors as usual about new bodies floating around, including rumors of a 5dmkII and a 7D and a 40D and new 1ds mkiii.
All supposedly with self cleaning sensors and the new digic-III processor.
All only rumors but sure sound tantalizing:G
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Old Jan 15, 2007, 5:02 PM   #5
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I wish I had the cash to consider between the 20D and the 5D!

In the long run, the 5D would be the cooler camera, but you'll pay an arm and a leg for the larger sensor.
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Old Jan 15, 2007, 6:01 PM   #6
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The 5D is a nice toy and you will notice (well you will now) that Frank Doorhof uses his 5D for sports.


Still trying to work out the benefits of the 5D for you as I don't know enough of your work, what are you using your photos for and how large do they get printed?
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Old Jan 15, 2007, 10:56 PM   #7
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For me, the deciding factor to switch from my old 30D to the 5D was the excellent high ISO performance of the 5D. I compared the two side by side at ISO1600 and 3200, no doubt about it...the 5D won hands down. I really wish I could have kept the 30D, but I could not afford to keep both bodies. They really do complement each other.
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Old Jan 16, 2007, 2:10 AM   #8
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I nearly got the 5D last autumn just before the rebates expired in the UK.

In the end though I decided that I can limp alongwith my 20D until I see what PMA brings. Either an upgraded 5D or if not then hopefully a cheaper 5D. Ialsowanted to see what the Leica M8 was like before making my decision, but after spending half an hour with the two cameras at the dealer I've decided against the Leica (95% sure ).

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if u will be doing more Portrait and landscapes, 5D would be a better choice. Lots of picture to work with.

If u will be doing birds and wildlife a 20D is much better for its 1.6X

U can get used 5D for around 1900, use them for a while, if u think 20D is more than enuff camera, u can still sell it for 1900.

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Old Jan 19, 2007, 5:05 PM   #10
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Terry, forgive me if my querie sounds a little obscene regarding the cash, but in my personal case it's just an instrument in my price range, and I know there are many many cameras on the market that will do a real good job if they are handled right costing an arm and leg less.
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