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Hey guys,

Im shooting at my local ski hill this weekend but the forecast calls for -18 to -24 celcius. I know the cold affects battery life but is there any permaning damage that could occur to my body/lense?

Im obviosly going to use common sense and not have it out in the open for too long but it will be in my backpack.

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You might want to read the manual on operating temps...I am sure where you will be will be much lower than the manufacture says the camera will operate...The electronics in the camera would probably withstand the cold but any moving parts in the lens could be damaged...Thats a tough question....You couldnt find a black sand beach with bikini clad beauties huh.....:?
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The cold with thicken lubricants, which could cause moving parts to break. But there aren't many of those in modern cameras (the mirror is an obvious important moving part.)

Another problem is when you come inside. You risk having serious water condensation all over the camera (inside and out) and that will lead to rust.

This is caused by the camera being really cold when it is brought inside. Since the inside air has a lot more moisture in it (hot air holds more moisture) it will condense on cold things... like your camera.

Your only solution is to let the camera warm up somewhere where the air doesn't have much moisture. You could do this within a car (for example) or you could put the camera in a sealed bag. Fill the bag up with outside air, put the camera into it and seal it shut. Bring the bag (with camera) inside. It will warm up, but the air inside the bag won't have much moisture. Give it some time (an hour?) and then you can open the bag.

Hassle, but it works.

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