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Idan wrote:
2) What are the advantages of shooting RAW , concerning Shadows and highlights, Does the photo taken with RAW would look like the same when shoot JPG ?
On a properly exposed image there should not be any difference between the two...

-> On the otherhand if a picture is not properly exposed you'll have more leeway with a raw picture since the data is not yet processed (truncated by the camera), you can 'massage' the picture in the PC instead afterward

... But what are the differences between different kind if mettering and when each one is best to use at.
There's no best metering - The camera is calibrated for a neutral grey so try to understand how the camera will expose a scene:

-> If your subject is mostly dark then the camera will overexposed and when your subject is mostly bright the camera will underexpose instead... The various exposure mode allow you to select which area to best meter from which approximate neutral grey

IMO the -2..-1..v..+1..+2 EV acale is the most underutilize tool in the whole camera - If you do an AEL lock (preferably in partial or spot) on your subject and scan the camera around the pointer below this scale will indicate what will be capture or not as they fall out of range....
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also with raw, one can play with different exposures and create different files. All these files will have the same subject while the properties can be different.

Using photo editing tools one can actually get a better picture by masking unwanted images. I am referring to photoshop.


thats a sample picture. The sky was a bit blown up. Used layers and basically achieved something i liked..

not the best of picture and neither i am a pro. So just a reference picture.

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