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In experimenting with my 30D, I shot a plant on a table in program mode and the camera chose the settings: shutter speed, 250, Aperture 4.0. I then changed it to shutter priority and set the shutter to 250, but the camera chose the different aperture of 2.8. The I shot in aperture mode and set the aperture to 4.0 (like in program) but it chose the shutter speed of 200. Why wouldn't the settings be the same as program mode when I chose one of the corresponding shutter or aperture settings. Nothing else changed. All taken within a few minutes of each other, nothing else changed except the shutter or aperture. Donna
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Hi Ann,

Glad you are enjoying your camera. I have not messed around with the program mode much, but your question got me wondering.

I just set the camera on a table and checked the exposure settings in P, AV, and TV at ISO 200 and the shutter-speed and aperture were the same in all three. When I went to the full auto mode (green box) It changed every thing including the ISO up to 400. So the actual exposure was the same just different setting that the camera thought was best.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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even a slight change in light on the plant could change the settings as the camera tries to meter for the current point of focus

Maybe u shud try testing in a more controlled environment.

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