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While shooting sports at night using a flash, I have seen a condition in which players' eyes appear to be blown out by the flash. I refer to it as white eye instead of the usual red eye condition that typically occurs. See the attached photo. The photo has been sized to fit the posting requirement and the high noise which is evident can be greatly reduced by Noise Ninja although that correction has not been made in the attached shot.

Because of the low light, fast action I shoot at 3200 ISO and use the flash to fill. Photos are typically shot at about 1/600th of a second shutter speed and 2.8 aperture.

I process my photos on an iMac G5 which uses dual Intel processors and will not run Adobe photoshop. Therefore I use Aperture for post processing as well as Noise Ninja to remove the high noise levels that are typical.

Aperture handles red eye pretty well but I am not able to correct for the white eye condition that occurs, I think, from the flash reflecting off the surface of the eye like a mirror.

Any ideas on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated.

Coach Jerry
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what type of bracket are you using with the flash? moving the flash further away from the camera can help with this. The 'monster eye' as I've heard it called can be very difficult to correct because the resulting 'glow' is often larger than the pupil area. If you use a decent bracket (or rig something to attach the flash to the monopod and shoot up it does the same thing) and restrict yourself to closer shots (within 25 yards or so0 the affect should be less pronounced and more easily fixed.
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Hi JohnG
My flash is a canon 550 hot shoe mounted on the camera. I do have a mount that I had rigged for my old Sony Mavica that I will try to see if it helps.

Thanks for the input.

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