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Only one response to my jammed flash issue so I'm now wondering if there is no immediate fix. No one had this same issue? (Guess that's a good thing!)

Next step would be warranty repair, I assume.

How have any of you gone about this? What was your experience? Advice?

Had hundreds in gift cards, rewards cards, etc from a Big Box Retailer and did go with their extended warranty. For this, however, I think I'd prefer to use the true Canon warranty until it expires. Anyone?

If dropping camera off at a regional repair center is an option, I am close to and visit Atlanta regularly.

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What is the extended warrenty that you got? Was it for replacement or repair?
If it was for replacement, absolutely take them up on it. If it was for repair... I don't know. You might want to ask them how they do it (they might just send it to Canon.)

Canon has 2 repair facilities in the US. One in NJ and the other (I beleive) in Cal. I've send stuff to the NJ facility a few times. And they were, on the whole, really really bad.

I sent in my 600mm f4 (a $7,200 USD lens) and when they shipped it back to me they packed it about 5 pieces of crumpled paper. It was DOA on arival. I let them fight it out between UPS and Canon as to who would pay (and they never tried to get me to pay, so at least that was nice.)

They repaired the 1.4xTC for me once... and within 8 hour of use it broke again. Unfortunately it was the lock that they didn't repair and my camera and flash fell to the pavement. The camera & flash were broken, and the TC was (of course.) They were very good about fixing it in 4 days (including shipping) and got it back to me in time for me to leave on Friday for a 3 day shooting trip.

The TC broke again (in about 5 months) the same way so I took it to a local repair shop and they fixed it about 4 days (including waiting for parts) and its still working over a year later.

A friend of mine sent in his 600mm f4 and they sent it back with a broken lens hood lock. They also were supposed to fix an issue with a good number of his images being soft (a focusing issue. He's been shooting for 15 years, it isn't his skills.) They still haven' t repaired it correctly and he is going to send it back for a 3rd time. It was better for awhile but that lasted a month and it got soft again. It looks to be a problem with his lens and not the camera body as his backup camera (a 30D) was also producing soft results. He never had this problem when he was using a EOS 1V-sh.

So overall, I have been fairly unhappy with the quality of Canon's NJ repair center.

I would call their service center and talk about the problem. They might have a solution that doesn't involve sending it in.

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I dropped my 20D off at the Canon repair center in Irvine, Ca.because of a mirror problem. It was 3 months out of warranty and they fixed it plus cleaned the sensor and didn't charge me a dime. I received it back 2 days later Fedex. I was impressed!
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I have one experience with Canon service and repair.I started by requesting a repair order online. I was e-mailed an authorization number and instructions and address for shipping. I recieved an e-mail when my camera was at the facility and another when it was evaluated for repairs. I was informed that it would be returned within seven days.A day later I got an e-mail informing me of a two day delay for parts that were not on hand. I then recieved notification that my camera was done and was being shipped overnight in order to comply with the seven day promise. When I got my camera back I also got a voucher for one hundred dollars toward any out of warrenty repairs in the future. I got one final E-mail to inquire if I was happy with the service and if my needs had been met.I sure don't have any negative feelings about Canon in New Jersey. The day after I had my camera back I got an answer for California as to my repair request, They wanted a credit card number and informed me of a charge to evaluate the camera! Wow what a difference in service cennter opperations. My advice is stick with New Jersey.
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I have used both the New Jersey and the Illinois Canon warranty services. Both times wonderful experience with prompt service and perfect repairs. Both were under warranty, one was a lens, one a Powershot camera.
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