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mduros wrote:
... But no kidding, you can't get better graphics than on a macintosh. At least the older ones with the motorola chips. Not sure how the intels compare.
Good luck in your search,
I'm sorry, but that is just flat out wrong. In the way that is being discussed right now (how the image gets displayed, or what the image looks like. Not the quality of the user interface, which I might agree the Mac does better.)

You can get VERY good video cards for the PC platform (you can put some of them into Macs as well) that will display just as well as the onboard graphics chips do on the Mac.

The Apple displays are very good. But that is not something that is inherent to the Mac, because its just a display - you can hook them up to a PC just as well as you can do a Mac.

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What are you using for a video card?
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I'm in the processing of picking a new card. I used to play games (along with photo editing) on my system, but as I've gotten older I've stopped playing most games (only a few strategy games that exercise my brain.) So picking my new card has become trickier.

I'm currently using a several year old Nvidia T4200 based card (STB might have made it... I don't recall.)

Matrox used to make the best 2D cards (i.e. best cards for non-gamers) but I'm starting to wonder if they haven't moved out of the consumer market segment. www.newegg.com (one of the best mail order houses out there) doesn't carry a single card by them.

There are some shockingly good 3D video cards that also have good 2D abilities. I'm thinking about a GeForce 7900 GS based card. But I'm still thinking. I was kinda hoping to get a card that supported Direct X10 to make Vista happy in a year or so when I upgrade, but right now those are *extremely* expensive. I refuse to pay more for my video card than by CPU!

To me, the definition "good graphics" is "does the card support the resolution and refresh rates you want? Does the company make good quality, stable video drivers? Are their drivers easy to install and update?" The answer is yes both on the Mac and Windows. At least I hope its that easy on the Mac, it used to be when I used Macs.

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I have a philips 109B7 19" CRT flat screen running at 1600x1200
Can,t stand LCDs. Every angle you look at them gives you a different colour.

Sel ........
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