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Can anybody recomend what filter i should get When its realy sunny, to stop the glare of the sun

Sorry about the mis spelling in the tittle lol:-)
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Doc.....On a bright, crystal clear day, not much can be done to lessen the suns effect...
I remember reading someplace the best photo times are a few hours after sunrise and a few hours before sunset...But if you have to take shots during the mid day sun, I would recommend the polorizer....The UV filters are pretty much useless in brilliant sun...Give it a shot...but make sure you get the circular polorizer...the liniers dont work with digitals...
john :?
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a circular polarizer would be what you need, but really only effective when the sun is a about a 90 degree angle from your lens. Also in midday sun try the sunny 16 rule. set your aperture at f16 and your shutter spead at what ever you have your ISO set to. ie: if you have your ISO set to 200 set your sutter speed to 1/200.
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Ah...lens flare.

You don't need any filter to shoot into the sun. Keep shooting into the sun tolearn the characteristic of lens flare, learn where the direction of the sunthatgive you lensflare.

If you're new to camera, practice to shoot with one hand, the other handextend out on top of your lens shade to control flare. It's take years to master the art of shooting backlit scene. If you're a long time into photography it's hard to get rid of the habit to hold the camera the conventional way with two hands.

A polarized filter is to minimize reflection from shiny surfaces such as cars, windows, shiny fabrics, enhance the blue sky...
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Thanks Guy, for all your help
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