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NHL wrote:
There's a video of LiveView over here: http://photo-i.co.uk/News/Feb_07/Canon_spring.html

-> The new operation with the 4-way 'joystick' is also much improved over the double key pressed of the older series...
Thanks for the post! That's probably one of the best quality video clips of the 1DM3 if not the best. Clear video and the audio level was done properly. Some of the videos yo usee on YouTube are to quiet. And the video quality a little blurry.

Any how, it's still unfortunate with the 1DM3 that you can't AF while in LiveView and must manual focus. At least it isn't a total loss in that respect. But IMHO if you're going to have that feature you should be able to AF. As I said...hopefully Canon will make this change before they rollout the cameras or offer a firmware fix later. Again, not having AF hardly makes it a deal breaker. I still want one!! Can some one "loan me" $3999.95 USD? :-)
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Sorry but I honestly can't say why they even put it on the mkIII. There is no way live preview is going to be able to keep up with following action and the camera would be too unstable to work by using the LCD. The feature has a better place in studio and macro work (even if you could af - those are the areas that would benefit on a pro level camera - the rendering is just going to be too slow for other uses - now, it's fine for the family cam - especially for entry level models since point-and-shooters have become accustomed to using an lcd). So why it's on a sports/photojournal camera is beyond me.
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JohnG wrote:
Sorry but I honestly can't say why they even put it on the mkIII. There is no way live preview is going to be able to keep up with following action and the camera would be too unstable to work by using the LCD.
It can make a pro disguise as an amateur instead... :lol: :-) :G

Seriously though I think this feature is most useful for tethered use - i.e. you can set the camera remotely for some kind of industrial work (with preset focusing) and capture the images from a distant location with the other new feature: the MrkIII can shoot to a 3rd device (not the CF or SD cards) like a USB, an external hardisk or WiFi...
-> Notice how the new 580EX_II is also waterproofed with seal around the foot so you can set the whole thing outside now in bad weather
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I don't know. I still feel it can be of use even in a pro DSLR like the 1DM3.

As for being able to follow action through the LCD...it's hard to comment IMHO till we actually manage to get our mits on one to try for ourselves. Though, http://www.image-resource.com has released a YouTube clip demoing LiveView. And they claim the refresh is good. Is it true? Shrug.

But in terms of being useful...if you could AF/manual...it could benefit people wearing glasses. As it can be a hassle to have to adjust the diopter all the time. Especially if you share the camera with some one else.

How about photographic situations where it's sitting on a tripod? At least with the 3" LCD you don't have to spend hours hunched over peering through the viewfinder. I think our backs would be thanking us for buying the 1DM3 in such times.

Then there's the fact that it would allow you to shoot at odd angles. Angles you probably couldn't get unless you were willing to make like a snipper and lay on your stomach in the middle of a sidewalk, convention center or where ever you might be. Without looking like some freak.

Plus, as a sports photographer or photojournalist, I'm sure there are times when keeping your eye glued to the viewfinder might leave you oblivious to what's going on around you. With LiveView you could also look at your environment as you're moving. So you don't accidently walk into the sculpture of the "spear thrower". :-)

But, as I've been saying, it's not a deal breaker if you don't use it. Or if you use it and have to manually focus. Besides, having a 3" LCD on a DSLR to review your shots is a good thing in my book. Along with so many other innovative features to use that makes this camera so darn attactive to many users. Professional or not.

Me personally...as a hobbyist...I can't justify blowing $5500.00 CAD for a camera body as sweet as the 1DM3 is. It's worth more than 3 30D's!! Besides, the upcoming 40D should be borrowing a few features (e.g. 1 DIGIC III processor vs the 1DM3's 2...which might also include a useable 100-3200 ISO range...dust removal system...10.2 MP chip...and hopefully an ISO Auto range of 100-3200). Now if only Canon would give us the 40D already. :P
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I look forward to getting this camera...I skipped the last upgrade.

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DRGSin wrote:
...10MP vs 16MP- there has to be a pretty noticable difference in sharpness/clarity, right? I understandthere would be at the larger print sizes but how aboutat 8 1/2 x 11 or 11x 14?
Probably less difference than you might think, or be able to see at even A3. I remember reading detailed tests between the Nikon D2X (12MP)and Canon 1DsII and there was very very little in the extra detail difference even when magnified greatly. Nevertheless, I think the 1DIII will produce detail that will rival the 1DsII. According to the white paper, the pixels are the same size, but the newer camera pixels are designed to gather light better and to produce less noise. I can see the new camera flying off the shelves. My own local shop has ordered a pallet of them. I've decided to buy the new camera as my first Canon and get the 300 f2.8, 70-200 IS f2.8 and probably the 24-70 f2.8 and hang up my Nikon kit for a while at least. Been using Nikon for over 20 years now and love them, but they just aren't bringing out pro bodies as fast as I'd like and their insistence on using Sony (noisy) sensors doesn't inspire confidence at all.
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