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they're squared off due to the blow up being maxxed out. if it is in the same position in frame on all shots and the same cluster shape by all means give it back until they admit fault and finally fix it.
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Default Yup

same spot, same coordinates every time. How noticable it is seems to vary, but always the same spot.

I'm working on it, I'll let you know if and how they take care of it.
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Old Aug 2, 2003, 8:56 PM   #13
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As I think someone else said before me, you should really be dealing with the place you bought the camera from - the only legal obligation as far as you are concerned is with them. They should have provided you with goods of merchantable quality. The seven day rule is just a smokescreen, they still have to deal with it. They may insist that the item be repaired although I would argue for a replacement in the circumstances, as you have never really had use of a new camera and by the time you get it back again it will have travelled two and fro from Canon.
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Sorry to disagree, but the store at which the camera was purchased is not responsible for defects after the time frame in which they offer to replace the camera (in this case 7 days). Had you brought the camera back to the store within the 7 days, I am sure they would have accomodated you. Remember, the warranty is with Canon, not the store. Most stores will act as an agent between you and the manufacturer and send it in for repair for you but you have to realize that once that camera is registered, or it is beyond the return period, or if it is obviously used, or if you have filled out any warranty cards, or if you have thrown away any packaging, the store cannot get full credit from the manufacturer if HE returns it. It is a loss for the store this way. Why expect HIM to take the loss because you didn't follow his 7 day return?

I have had success in the past by being persistant with the manufacturers. Show them the problem, show them that they have not corrected it, give them the opportunity to do so, and if they don't, be stern and persistant and they just may end up accomodatiing you.
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Most of the stores have the return policy, some said 1 week, and some has two weeks. Within this period, you can return the merchandise for exchange (defective or other reasons) or even full refund of your money if you not satisfy (no question asked) but you have to return everything in the box as new including the blank warranty card (dealer can't sell it as new if warranty card is already filled out). By contract, most camera mfg(s) allow the dealer to do this in good faith (both sides). Some of the dealer may charge you the re-stocking fees for this service, but in any case, the dealer will not lose any money, they either by contract, get reimbursement or replacement from the manufacturers. If you didn't exercise this provision and send the camera back to Canon repair facility, Canon just do the best to repair your equipment, they do not have any new camera in stock to replace your equipment, and if they recommend that your camera is un-repairable, the decision will be made by their upper management for replacement, and the replacement will come from other Canon facilities. If you are unhappy with the service, you can always contact the customer relations division for further assistance. But to say Canon didn't stand behind their products, it may not be true, they don't just become the biggest photographic manufacturer nowadays after all of these years if they didn't intend to do so.
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Indeed... I have even had experience of taking something back to the store which is after the store return policy and allowed me to return it for exchange for the same item. At the time it was BestBuy with a Canon G1. But yes, I agree with both sides. I probably would have gone to the store even after the 7 days saying it was shortly after this happened... and then gone from there.
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