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Am I losing it or is the sensor impossible to get at in the 400D?

I had a Nikon D70 and could get at the sensor with no trouble but in the 400D it's tucked right up where I can hardly see it, let alone reach it.

I've done the usual checks and it appears the automatic sensor cleaning just isn't gettting rid of the specks - tried different lenses, cleaned the mirror and the only other obvious culprit is the sensor.

Anyone got any ideas? I used a Lenspen with great success on my D70 and just assumed I'd be able to use the same technique on the 400D.

Typical that I'm going on holiday at 3am tomorrow and have left it until now as I thought it would be a breeze!

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

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sorry posted in wrong area
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For a start I would very strongly recommend that you stop using a lenspen on the sensor. If you have managed to do that without scratching your sensor so far you have been very lucky.

If you get a bit of grit on the sensor or lenspen you will totally destroy your sensor and will have to buy a new camera.

One place to start is http://www.visibledust.com/

Their products are available in the UK from http://www.warehouseexpress.com
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