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I'm with JohnG on this one-

I am also using my Canon 28-135mmIS as a walk around lens. I like it a lot and it in my opinion a very capable lens. When I need it, I can just pop on the Canon 10-22mm UWA.

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As everyone is suggesting your needs dictate a lens choice. Every lens is a design compromise of some sort. The easiest to make, fast and high quailty is a prime, whcih is whypeople recomended them so much in past. A 50mm 1.8 can be had for as little as $80 that while plastic stands up and surpasses most zooms.

With Modern Zooms (particualrly Digital ones with reduced image area)it is possible to get a zoom lens, even at moderate prices that comes close or rivals some prime lenses.

Still all is a design, cost and weight compromise of some kind.

There are Nice Tarmon and Sigma 18-200lenses... If you need to find a single lens that can do almost all zoom wise. LIke the 28-135, you give up speed.Having Used a 28mm, If you photographeven small groups of people you will find it a tad tight. 24mm @ Wide end is about as much as you would probably want to give up to get a longer reach at the other end.

You do get IS, and itis great if you could snap your fingers and have it on any lens or perhaps better if Canon would add it to their bodies as some have. But it only helps one where you might use a tripod or steady yourself on an object it does not help you capture a facial expression or other motion, etc.

On the Matter of 30D or 40D. Cameras have gotten like computers where new models come out as soon as every few months (and you could wait forever) Look at the Nikon 40/40X huge change in 4 months flat.

That said I thought it is nice to go in with open eyes that that the 30D has been out for a while and do for a refresh soon. Knowing and still buying because one is satisified with a current feature set is great, not knowing can be frustrating.
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