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Hi all,

Had a bit of a scare. I have recently upgraded from an XP laptop to a nice MacPro Xeon workstation.

Running a set of photos through DXO now takes about 1/10 of the time it used to.

However I struggled a bit with importing my photos from the camera. With my 20D I would try not to take out the CF card, instead preferring to use the USB cable. Why? Are you mad? I hear you cry. Well no, actually it was because the pins on 20D that plug into the CF card had a habit of getting bent when I removed the card, and I had a couple of tricky occasions where I had to straighten them with a knife before I could get the CF card back in.

So anyway now to the 5D with the Mac and I figured I would try using my card reader again, because I couldn't get the Mac to see the camera when I hooked it up using the USBcable.

I copied the CR2 files across to the hard disk, and OMG they showed the weirdest kind of banding and smearing. Naturally I was worried that it was the camera, but when I checked on the laptop the files were fine. Transferred them across the network to the Mac and they were fine too.

Then I figured out how to get the USB cable transfer working to the Mac (you have to use a special little utility), and they came across fine there too. So that removed all the variables except the card reader - it must be dodgy.

So anyway - I guess it's part question, part warning. It seems that a dodgy card reader can corrupt files in transfer, has anyone else experienced corruption using a card reader?

Now that I have the Mac I may spring for a Firewire card reader, because transferring a full 4Gb card does take quite a while on the USB cable. Maybe 15 minutes, I expect a good Firewire reader would cut that down to less than 5?

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