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The latest firmware is available for download from Canon's website. You might want to install it. I noticed an improvement in the LCD picture review sharpness after the update. I wasn't really seeing the focus issues described in RG's post so I can't say whether AF was improved. I came from a 20d to the mk III. So, I can't say whether the mk III af is better/worse than the II-N. I do know I'm getting more consistent results than with my 20d though. And, the best part - with the microfocus adjustment I was able to correct some front-focusing issues on my primary sports lens (out of the 4 lenses I tested, 2 needed adjustment and 2 did not).

I'm up to about 4,000 shots now on the mk-iii. Now that the LCD image playback is sharper the only real issue I have left is IMO the auto-wb indoors performs worse than my 20d did. So I find myself setting a Kelvin temperature indoors if I don't shoot custom WB. Enjoy the new camera!!!
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Thanks, John. I noticed this morning that the latest firmware 1.1.0 ( I think ) was intended primarily to sharpen the LCD image. I too am transitioning form a 20D. Hopefully I'll have the same good luck you seem to describe. I more often than not adjust WB in RAW, although of course it's best to get itright with the camera. Thanks, again.
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