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JohnG wrote
Now, unlike you Eric, I'm working off a 20d. So I'm still keeping my place in the waiting list for the mark III with the thought that there will either be a recall or firmware update or they'll just halt production if it's serious enough and fix it. But for me, fall sports is a huge part of my shooting and the improved ISO and focus performance will be a big boost. Otherwise, I would happily wait a year until all bugs were worked out.
I fully understand that! I'm sure it's much better than the 20D (having used that for a year or more before upgrading. The low light stuff you do with your 20D is already quite amazing, so I can only imagine what you'd be able to do with the MkIII.

You probably can wait for a month or so before the season starts... so that gives you another month to buy? By now I'm sure all the first-run cameras have been shipped and sold. So their first production tweeks should be out to stores by now.

I'm hoping its just a firmware thing.
What I don't get is why they haven't published tips on configuring the camera. Seems like a logical thing to do to me. It's so different and they want lots of good-will posts about how amazing the camera is. Maybe they didn't anticipate that people would have such trouble.

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JohnG wrote:
I understand what you're saying - and I would agree IF the results were consistent. What intrigues me is the environmental aspect to his findings - temperature and brightness. If it were purely a difference in algorithm the same issues should have shown up in overcast situations.
I'd like to see his full size samples with the focus points overlaid. But, lighting temperature can impact the AF point. I've seen that demonstrated before with other camera models in controlled conditions. But, as long as the locked focus point is in the range of acceptable sharpness regardless of lighting, it would be within tolerance.

That's my big question (was the focus point actually a body versus face in some of the samples where face was slightly out of focus). Looking at the smaller samples, that does seem to be the case with some from what I can see. Just because the focus point is not centered in the range of acceptable sharpness, doesn't mean it's not working. lol It could have been a speed versus accuracy design decision (only speculating). Of course, if someone is accustomed to it working differently, that's not going to help things. So, they probably need to change some defaults, or give users more specific instructions on the parameters they need to change to tune it more to their liking (if it's something that can be "tuned" to fix).

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