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I just bought my Canon 400d two weeks ago and just tested shooting outdoors last weekend. I came from P&S so there is still a lot to learn. I noticed thatthe kit lens is not as sharp as I expected in some photos and that my color saturation are light. Basically, it seems that I am hit and miss. Some shots looks shard with good color, others are not.

I read from the manual that I can change the photo style so I will try that. Here are sample shots. Let me know if there is something wrong or these are just right.

I also have some problems getting sharp focusing. Can you please give some advice?

All shots are in the P mode.


This shot seems to be out of focused? The colors seems light.


This one seems to be sharp with good color saturation.


I can't seem to get the correct focus on this one again and the color saturation are light.

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Hi and welcome to Steve's.

Let's start with the saturation issue, it could just be the lighting where you were for the two outdoor shots as the indoor one looks good. Also a p&s will add a lot more saturation that a dSLR in general. You can tweak the settings on the camera to increase the saturation that you get if you like.

As for the lack of sharpness, I'm struggling to work out what has gone wrong in the first one, it could just be a focus mistake however it does look as if the camera has selected to focus on the arm closest to the camera (it's hard to tell with a small shot like this). The last one of the dog I would say that is almost 100% to do with camera shake. You have shot with only 1/40th shutter speed which is half the recommended speed for that length lens so unless you have a very good technique you are going to get motion blur/camera shakeas seen here.

What I would suggest is make sure you are getting good shutter speeds and that the camera is focusing on the area you want. Have a look at this discussion on how people use focus points http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=37
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I think the biggest problem you are encountering is motion blur, i.e. too slow shutter speeds. If you are using the P mode, the camera doesn't automatically adjust the ISO setting (like most point & shoot's do) to keep you from using slow shutter speeds. So when you take pictures, you need to be very aware of the shutter speed, and if necessary manually change the ISO or use flash.

If you want to make it easier on yourself in the beginning, you can use the greenrectangle (Full Auto Mode), the camera will act just like a point and shoot including changing the ISO automatically and using flash if necessary. The Basic Modes (portrait, landscape, sports etc...) I "believe" also adjust all the settings for you except they are geared towards certain scenarios, so you could give them a try too.

As to the color saturation, digital SLR's tend to give you a more true to life picture, compared to the point & shoot's which have more color saturation to make the pictures look "pretty". If you like the extra color,bump upthe saturation in the 400D menu, or add it later in a photo editing program.
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