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I have a Canon XT with a Tamron 18 X 200 MM lens. I just purchased a Polarizer for it and had a fluke accident I thoughtI would mention to help others from not having happen what happened to me. I had left the polarizer on the camera, and the lens hood was screwed on in the reverse position for storage. Evidently the polzrizer was not on tight. I saw something else I want to photograph, and when I went to remove the lens hood, the polarizer dropped off at the same time. It fell on a concrete sidewalk. Thinking I had probably ruined the polarizer, I checked it out and it was fine. When I got back home and was putting everything away, I found the Tamron lens scratched about 3/4 of an inch long. Evidently when the polarizer dropped off, it rubbed up against the lens scratching it. Reccomendation 1: Make sure your filters are on tight. Recomendation 2: If you have a lens hood that stores backwards on the lens, do not put it on the camera if you have a filter on it. I am shipping the lens back to Tamron today to find out if the cost of repair is less than a replacement lens.
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Sorry to hear of your accident and thanks for the recommendations.
As a rough guide of what you might expect, I queried a problem with a Sigma macro lens I had for a short time.
Two marks of indeterminate origin were clearly visible on the inside of the front element.
Well, Sigma UK at least, told me they had a flat fee of £75.00 including return delivery (cost to send would be the owners responsibility), but that figure covered any repair (or simply a clean) that was needed.
They said the front element would simply be replaced if it meant actually needing to do anything other than strip it down and wipe the inside.

Of course this was not Tamron and I don't know where you are. But usually we (in the UK) draw the short straw when it comes to paying for most things ;-)
I would imagine their costs would be comparable and maybe better for you.

Again, in regard to UK prices, I know your lens would have cost between £250.00 - £270.00 ish.
So if the repair is close to Sigma's prices....it shouldn't hurt too much -)
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There is nothing more horrifying than scratching a lens. However you will probably find that a single scratch does not affect your picture quality at all. It may not be worth it to spend money for repairs.
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More on fluke accident. I spoke with Tamron a few minutes ago relevant to my scratched lens. Of course they said they would have to examine it ti determine if it would effect image quality, although they said there was a good chance that it was cosmetic and would not have an effect on my pictures. Worse case scenario is $60 for the glass plus $140 for the repair, plus shipping. ugh!
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