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I recently purchased an extreme IV 4gb compact flash card for my canon 350d. I tested it initially when i bought it and it recorded images, etc and registered the total 4gb in the camera (i had read things about memory cards over 1gb not being read properly).

So, this weekend i took some photos at a wedding. I normally always shoot in RAW but found this weekend that when i was bursting it was taking ages to write my files to disk. I cant remember what it says in the manual but i was taking two shots then having to wait about 5-7 seconds for those to write to the CF card before allowing me to shoot again. I switched to jpg and this then allowed me to burst many more shots, but the write time again seemed rather slow.

Does anybody else have this setup or have experience of this problem? I thought the Extreme IV card would be really fast??


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What was the card you were using before the 4 gig? Go back to it and see if its doing the same thing. If not I would suspect it may be a bad card. Go online and check out the reviews on the card or it could be a fake card.

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the other issue could be is that flash card write speed is limited by what the camera is able to do.Meaning that if the camera has a top write speed of say 15kb per sec and the card has a write speed of 20kb per sec you are still writing at 15kb per sec (just tossing out numbers as a example, I have seen the bench mark tests before but cant get to them from here and I want to say if memory serves me the fastest card needed for your camera is a Extreme III
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Also,have the 350D.,and shoot Raw+jpg.

I would call Canon ,and find out exactly how big a card you can use with this camera.

I prefer to use 3 ,2gb cards .

Also,I've ordered a few SANDISK cards via Amazon and they have both failed,some of the cards you get over the internet are not always that reliable.

Hope this info helps?


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Here's an interesting link. All sorts of memory cards tested with the 350D:


However, the newer IV cards have not been tested with it, although I can't imagine that they are much faster with the 350D/XT, 6.2MB/s is probably near the limit of what the 350D/XT can write.

If you look at the 30D, the Extreme IV is basically just as fast as the Extreme III and some Ultra II's, so it's hardly worth the extra money:


And like someone said, compare the performance to your other cards, the IV should be at least as fast as them, but not necessarily faster... If it IS slower, then there is something wrong with it.


Wow, didn't realize this thread was started in the beginning of 2006, just disregard what I said, I'm sure the problem was solved by now :O

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