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Well I have some experience and knowledge in photography but not an expert.

I bought this camera (Canon XTI) because is a big seller and a good brand.

The problem was that all photos were somehow underexposure and grainy.Some shoots were in auto. I switch to P were I can adjust my settings and obtain more flash power. This way the pictures was more bright but I can't adjust the flash to every photo taken. BarelyI haven't time to take a candid shoot... imagine adjusting the flash!!

Also the ISO won't work in "auto" when I leave the auto mode. So also is necessary to adjust the ISO.

Generally I didn't like the photo quality at all; its not what I imagined from acamera like this could do. My expectatives was high.

I have an oldSony V1 cam with an external flash and this camera produce a very sharp well lighted photos. Awesome photos. Some people say that the pictures are better than others professional pictures. (can't believe)

I also have a Canon A-640 and the pictures are good but not as neat as the Sony V1. I'm seen the pictures in a good resolution PC monitor; not in the camera VF.

Also when taking pictures with xti, I have to wait if I shoot more than 2 or 3 pictures continuosly... (memory was aSan Disk 1gig) It said "busy..."

Finally I returned the camera and thanks God there was not a re-stocking fee. But where in the store I saw a Sony Alfa 100. I was tented to trade it for the Canon but I don't know this kind of camera and first I have to be sure is as good or lot better than my old V1. A friend insisted me to buy the Nikon D40... but again I'm full of doubts now. I have read about the Nikon D40 lens focus issues (the motor in the lenses). Also about the ISO has to be adjusted thru the menu; not a special button like the Canon.

So to finish I have read good things about the Fujifilm 9100. Not interchangeable lens but with this type of lens who care.( 2.8 to 4.0--28 to 300 )Also is cheaper!

Theuse of this camerawill befor shooting familiar partys/reunions and maybe other more serious events...

Open to hear comments


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Some of the Canon XTi camera have had an ongoing problem with under exposure. Making many buyers feel as if they have been cheated, just as you felt. Canon is recalibrating the XTi cameras under warranty, but that requires returning the camera to Canon for warranty service. Most new DSLR camera users do not want to do that.

The Nikon D-40 has enjoyed a great deal of sucess as a consumer level DSLR camera. The Sony Alpha A-100 has enjoyed less sucess than either the Canon XTi and the Nikon D-40.

The least expensive DSLR on the market today is the Pentax K-100D which now has a rebate being offered on it as well. I am happy that you were able to return the Canon XTi without being charged a re-stocking fee.

Sarah Joyce

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Thanks for the reply. Im now convinced was not my fault or lack of experience.

Now I love better my A-640 Canon. Its fast and I can play with all features it have.

BTW; I'm a 22 years videographer and as I shoot I also take photos. This makes the 640 very handy for this purpose...

But again it seems that Canon have this problem with all cameras because the 640 alsohave alittle underexposure too. But I can manage this very easy in P.

Thanks again Sarah
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My XTi doesn't under expose and works pretty well. or maybe I compensate for it without realizing it.

I have had good luck with auto too when shooting birds, animals and aircraft. That being said it will get "busy" after a fast sequence of shots.....a higher end camera in the line is needed to do that for longer periods fromw hat I gather.

I have only shot the camera in manual mode so I am not sure how it functions in the other modes.
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the whole point to buying a dSLR camera is for the manual options. not the full auto modes.

should of just bought a P&S originally
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I know that it doesn't matter now as you have changed the camera but was it all photos that were under exposed and grainy? Quite a few cameras will try to protect highlights so if you have a lot of white or a bright sky then the image will appear to you under exposed. That is necessarilya problem with a camera but just needing to understand how to set it up. However there were some problems with some XTi's (not all as I know many people who have no issues) so it might have been that. As for being grainy it sounds as it if was ISO settings that were too high.

As for the camera not taking many consecutive shots that could be the memory card not being able to have data transferred to it fast enough. I use Extreme III cards and have never had an issue but before switching to them I used Kingston Pros and they were very slow.

Moving forwards what do you want the camera for now and in the long run as some systems might offer better progression than others.
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I've been using my Xti for over a year now with HEAVY use and never had any problem with it. I'm sorry you did not find the Xti experience as enjoyable as I did.:cart:
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Sent my XTi off to Canon for recalibrating when I found it to be underexposing. .it now works a charm. Canon sent it back in 2 days. Was a piece of cake. Also had my primary 5D to use so i didnt miss the XTi much.



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We just got my husband the XTI or 400D as its known here in OZ. The camera produces superb inmages and I cant pick them from my 30D shots. guess we have been lucky
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I have an XTi and have had major issues with photographing my first two weddings. I had to constantly adjust the settings and missed potentially good shots. It is good to know that it isn't just me with the underxposure issue. I'm going to look into sending it to Canon now that I've read others have the same issue.

But then I was planning to upgrade, so maybe this is the time to do it. I have Canon lenses, so I guess it would be better to stick with a Canon model. Any suggestions?

Anyone else shoot weddings with an XTi?
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