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I Have a Canon 40D with a SANDisk Extreme III 4 GB Cf card. When the camera is in the creative zone (aperature, shutter, etc) shots remaining indicator shows [999]. But when I switch to the basic zone (portrait, landscape, etc) the indicator shows [880] shots remaining. Why does it switch?

Also, I shot about twenty photos today and the indicator still shows [999] (I am shooting Large/fine jpegs). How many potential shots do I actually have on this card?

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From what I can see, large/fine jpeg images are supposed to average around 3.5MB each. So, you could probably get over 1000 on a 4GB card if you shoot that way. If you press the info button, I think the LCD display will go over 999.

Keep in mind that the file size is going to vary depending on the amount of detail, colors and more. So, the camera is only giving you an estimate. You may get more and you may get less.

As for why it's changing, I don't know. It may be ISO speed related if the camera is changing it between mode settings.

That's because noise doesn't compress as well (the camera may see it as more detail when compressing the image), so higher ISO speeds sometimes cause larger file sizes with JPEG. So, if you use a higher ISO speed setting (or it's different depending on your mode), the camera may be trying to take that into consideration for estimates of how many images can be stored.

That's only speculation as I haven't seen anyone mention seeing that with a 40D before.

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JimC wrote:
... It may be ISO speed related if the camera is changing it between mode settings.
Exactly - In the Basic zone the ISO is on Auto so the ISO could be increased by the camera if you flip the dial indoor... or somewhere dark

Try to change to the Basic zone outdoor where the camera can switch to lower ISO then the shot counts will be indentical - Or alternatively if you change the ISO to 800 or higher in the Creative mode then the remaining counts may also decrease to the same number as the Basic zone
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