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My name is Ricardo, I'm from Portugal and I just buy a Cannon EOS 400D with a 18-55 mm lens. I have look around and I think that "Steve's Digicams" is probably the best place to talk about photograph. I'm just starting, learning how to use the camera.

To start I have two questions:

1 - What do you think about the EOS400D?

2 - What's the diference between the EF and EF-S Lenses?

Best regards
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Welcome to Steve's!

I do think this is one of the most helpful forums - especially for beginners. It is much friendlier here than elsewhere.

As to your questions:

1. I think the 400d is an excellent camera for it's intended purpose. It's an entry level DSLR that gives you a lot of features for a relatively modest price. Like every other DSLR out there it has strengths and weaknesses.

2. The difference between EF and EF-S lenses is that EF-S lenses are designed to work on ONLY APS-C sensor sized canon cameras (400d, 350D, 40d, 30d,20d). Because aps-c size sensors are smaller than film was, film based lenses create an image circle that is bigger than the sensor - so there is wasted light. The concept of EF-S lenses was - create a smalller image circle - which requires slightly smaller optics and thus smaller housing and thus less expensive and less size/weight. There are other differences as well but that is the major point. EF lenses were designed for 35mm film or full frame sensors. These lenses will work on ALL canon cameras - full frame (1ds, 5d), APS-H (1dmkIIN, 1DmkIII) as well as all the APS-C sized cameras. You'll find the same product breakdown in many third-party lens manufacturers as well. They are making lenses designed solely for APS-C sized sensors for same reason (size, weight, cost)

Hope that helped a bit. And again, Welcome!
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