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Hi, I am new to the forum and just wondered if there is anyone out there who could give me a little information about theEOS 40D & eod 400D?

I am looking to get a DSLR that I can take with me whe I am out fishing, as I live in Ireland and do all my fishing during the winter it is usually quite wet. Does anyone know how rain proof the 40D is and 400D, does it matter if they get wet or that I can't dry them properly untill the end of my fissing session?

Also, does anyone kow how durable the cameras are, when I am out fishing I don't want to worry about looking after a camera, it may get knocked, splashed, covered in dirt ect, will the cameras stand up to this?

Would I be right in guessing that the 40D would be more water resistant and durable than the 400D because of it's magnesium alloy body?

Any information on what sort of abuse these cameras can take would be usefull.

Cheers, Ryan
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IMO I don't think anyone can give you a 100% assurance...

Although the body alone can sustain some moisture it's also the lens that make the system integral, so which L lens are you going to be mating to the camera? As not all L-lenses are waterproofed!

I do shoot my 1DMrkII with the 500 f/4L in the rain quite often, but that's not the same thing as salt spray, or sea water, which contains particles that are abrasive when dried - They may act as sandpaper which will wear out any seal eventually after repeated uses.

Have you thought of underwater cases or the various snorkeling bags made for dSLR in which case either camera or any lens can be protected (or flash)?

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Thanks for replying, all my fishing is fresh water fishing so I don't have to worry about salt water.

The waterproof cases are something to think about, I will look into them. I was thinking about the G9 matched with the waterproof case, but I would rather go for a DLSR.

I am not sure what lense I am going to match it with yet, is some lenses are waterproofed that will affect my decision.

I will try to keep the camera as dry as possible, but there will be times when it gets wet from rain or water splashes, but as long as they can stand up to a little moisture there shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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