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Well with the Nikon's and their Live View AF and Large Luminous LCD screen i think finally Canon has been left holding the bag while holding back. The white paper on the new 1Ds MarkIII states no change in DR! So all you are paying for are a few more MP, a 3"LCD that DOES NOT AF, and an AF System that has proven one thing, it is suspect.

I will admit that if Nikon did not announce their D3, and D300, before the 1Ds MarkIII was released they would have got me. But seeing the AF Live View and LCD it is unacceptable for a $8,000.00 camera now not to at least have those features implemented. The MarkIII and the 1Ds MarkIII will be the shortest life cycle SLR cameras in Canon's history.
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lets see..depends on what a short life cycle means to you. If 12 months is short i am guessing almost every camera is replaced every 12 months these days.

And 1ds mk III as far as i see i not a overall camera to lug around for ur trips. Its more specific to studio application where DR/Noise doesnt matter much.

and regarding 1d mark III, i personaly feel that the camera is a great camera from canon..it replaced my 5D in many ways. i can definitely see usuable 10MP images of whatever i used to take all thtese days with my 5D. And it serves me more with the infinite functions in the camera.

D3 and D300 are revolutionary cameras that will deifnitely change the way every manufacture will be thinking abt his next product.

If u get a chance to use either one of the four cmaeras mentioned be happy that u had a chance. Many dont get a chance to use either of the four cameras.

And in a year or two u will feel so disappointed about the way things are changing even if u get a d3, d300, mark III or 1ds Mark III. Coz there will be an evolution of cameras that will outdate even the superb four cameras u mentioned.

In between if one gets time, we should use it take pictures and stop worrying abt the new developments.
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I think you shouldn't buy it then, as it clearly doesn't suit your needs.

P.S. There is a lot more food for trolls over at DPreview.
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trust me..the same thread with same wordings is already there in DPREVIE
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