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Sad indeed! Since we're on the subj, beware of shooting near children. There was an incident a few years back where a freelancer in Seattle (I think) was shooting a series on local attractions. He was in a park, shooting the birds in the pond. Children were nearby, and one looney-tunes parent interpreted the scene as a molestation incident. The photog was beaten nearly to death, and left permanently handicapped, with liver damage.
With this in mind, I make it a point to have any nearby children point their parents out to me. Parents do watch. Make eye contact, and wave. Make it clear that the kids are not the subject, until and unless you have talked with the parents. The last time I was in this situation, 2 little girls were very curious about my cameras and my bird feeding. I was pretty nervous, but I had spotted Dad, and made sure that we remained in plain view.
It's unfortunate that we as photographers have to understand that we are always suspect. It's uncomfortable, but that's our cue to do what we can to talk to anyone who takes exception. Often, this gains more opportunities, and makes more friends. Just look above, where Nymphetamine talked to the suspicious old hag, and ended up in her back yard!
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hgernhardtjr wrote:
Wacky and ST77 and interested others... you might read the following PDF file by Bert Krages, an Attorney regarding photographic rights: http://www.krages.com/ThePhotographersRight.pdf I keep a copy of it in my camera bag at all times.

And, yes, you CAN be prohibited from taking pictures of and towarda military base or installation. but only if it is felt by the base commander that the area isin the best interests ofnational security.

Sadly, times are truly changing here!

Oh, Wacky Roger ... outstanding shots!
If you are on public land you can shoot freely, the instalation CC can prohibit shooting in certain area's of a base but those area's wont be visible from public land. I work on a military base and have taken many shots of planes on approach to the base from public land never even been stopped once.
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ST77 wrote:
Well they were way out of line, they had zero right to detain you. There is no law that states you can not take photos of a military base. The real funny thing is Peterson hosts Airshows where they let anyone and everyone onthe the base with camera's.

Beautiful shots BTW
I can't remember the specific law BUT it is illegal to photograph military installations without prior approval. I'll try and wrangle it up this weekend.
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Those are some great photos.
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2 and 6 are just GREAT
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