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Fence Red tail / Post Red Tail (?Jail?)

The fence Red Tail almost got me in jail. I was in between the airport and the air force base at Colorado Springs thinking I would get a chance at a photo of a commercial airplane. I was parked on the highway right away in a pull off waiting for a plane when this Red Tail Hawk showed up so I started taking photos. After getting a few bursts off I went back to the highway and about a mile later when I was making a turn at the entrance to the air base (Peterson) Air Force Security pulled me over. Red lights and the guard got out of the car and told me to stay in my vehicle. About 10 minutes later he came up to my camera wagon and said they had a report I was taking pictures of their air base. I explained NO that from the pull off I couldn't see anything on the base but a grassy knob and I was taking photos of a Hawk. I offered to show him the photos and did show him the photos and he admitted there was nothing about their base just the hawk in the photos. He then tells me I have to delete the Photos RIGHT now. I refused and told him I was on a public right away part of the state highway and their fence had no signs about any kind about restrictions. That he had three choices: Call the sheriff who has authority on state highway property, call the officer of the day to come out or arrest me. He told me to stay in my vehicle and went back to his car with his partner in it and I could see in my mirror they were on the radio. About another 10 minutes went by and he came back and told me to remember they do not allow photos of their base and I could leave.

Wacky roger
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Well they were way out of line, they had zero right to detain you. There is no law that states you can not take photos of a military base. The real funny thing is Peterson hosts Airshows where they let anyone and everyone onthe the base with camera's.

Beautiful shots BTW
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terrific images.

ahhh...let alone the military base..i was taking pictures of birds on the trees right in front of my house.. The lady neighbour for some reason thought i was spying her and taking pictures of her etc(blh blah blah).....but once i showed the pictures she took me to her backyard bird feeders,squirrel feeders and gave a lot of brochures on placs to look out for birds.

Isnt that KIND

This is the picture that i presented to her as a Thanks!!!.
Attached Images
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After being approached by a local crossing guard who asked me to take some candid shots of her on the job so she had a record of doing it, I was in an alleyway taking pics of her. Then I was stopped by a plainclothes cop who wants to know what Im doing. With a little explanation he left and checked with the crossing guard who confirmed my story. It seems you cant just stand anywhere with a camera. Legally you can but there is always some busy body who will ask you what you are doing.
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Wacky and ST77 and interested others... you might read the following PDF file by Bert Krages, an Attorney regarding photographic rights: http://www.krages.com/ThePhotographersRight.pdf I keep a copy of it in my camera bag at all times.

And, yes, you CAN be prohibited from taking pictures of and towarda military base or installation. but only if it is felt by the base commander that the area isin the best interests ofnational security.

Sadly, times are truly changing here!

Oh, Wacky Roger ... outstanding shots!
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first of all, beautiful photos!! excellent work!

but you seem to not understand, that particular bird is one of the gubmint's
secret weapons, see in the last three photos as he clings to the wire, he is sending
encrypted algorithyms. you are truly lucky they let you go!
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Old Jan 12, 2008, 2:03 AM   #7
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Great photos, as for being bother while taking pictures. All you have to do is like a criminal and everybody will leave you alone.:?:G
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Many people keep forgetting that America is at war. I don't know that it's ever been tried, but persons who work on behalf of our enemies just maybe would one day think to use a camera in the general vicinity of a military base.
Wonderful shots, and the Hawk gave you a lot of help.
Another thing to keep in mind is tripods. A year or two ago, there was a big row in another forum about this, where a guy had set up near a bridge. It's a big bother, but we do live in a time when bad guys want to blow things up. With tripods, it isn't just the authorities who are concerned.
I was at the Venetian 2 years ago, in Las Vegas, using a monopod to shoot their limos, parked in front. Hotel security came and asked me if I had permission from management? Of course not! They insisted that I leave. The deal with that was that I was on private property, and they were afraid that I was maybe going to make $5 without giving them 3.
In any event, always be sure that you carry your ID, and hand it over if you're asked. Be very respectful and compliant, and act as stupid as possible. Werks fer me.
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Just don't try it in Greece. Your story reminded me of a big international incident a few years ago...

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darn..thats sad
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