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"This is a thread of wildlife tips and not a discussion of the gear that was used, because following these tips can yield good wildlife images with most any camera brand."

Bad Weather Bald Eagle Stalk Tips

The last few years I have been asked how I go about getting some of my photos. I decided when I have time and the stalk might be interesting to someone I would share what I do and why I did what I did. I am not trying to tell anybody what to do but maybe some of what I am doing will help some else get a extra keeper or two.

As you can see from the 1st photo not a nice day weather wise. Fog, snow flurries & about 2 degrees F. When I found him I checked the wind first then looked for the best route to get closer. I decided to come in from the left using the trees for cover and yet I would be far enough away that the noise I would make walking in crunch snow should be far enough away and the wind would not give me away. I believe sound travels a very long ways with the wind.

When I got to the tree by the X I took a look and saw he was looking the wrong way for the photo I wanted. Since wildlife normally are not as active in bad weather I figured I would take one quick burst and then back off. That way at least I would have a close up photo even though he was facing the wrong way.

I backed off the same way I came in about 30 yards and knelt down so I could still see him and used my crow call. It took two calls to get him to look the right direction. I waited about 5 minutes and slowly worked my way back to the X mark and fired of a couple of bursts. I then went back the same way so I would not frighten him. When I got back to the camera wagon I thanked him and left.

This is what I wanted and considering the conditions I am going to keep it.

Bottom Line IMHO: By using the weather, wind and the terrain to my advantage I was able to get a photo of him. By backing off and using a call I was able to get the photo I wanted.

Wacky roger
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