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Obviously the price, but I could not find the difference that makes the 30D about twice as expensive. I checked DPreview specs and they have the same pixel counts and more or less identical sensor size.

There are a few more features on 30D, but what is the biggest difference that makes the 30D stand out over XT?
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The XT has a pentamirror viewfinder, whereas the 30D has a pentaprism. Most of the differences are minor to the average or above average guy. The 30D has a PC flash socket, for firing remote strobes. It has a magnesium vs. plastic body, but the plastic used in Canon bodies is amazing stuff. 30D goes one EV higher in ISO, but 1600 is gorgeous in the XT. I say jump on the XT while the price is low, and keep it as a back-up if/when you ever upgrade. If you had already been shooting the XT for 2 years, I think you'd find it hard to like the 30D.
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The 30d has a more advanced focus system, spot metering, 5fps, ISO 3200 (vs 1600), 1/8000 (vs 1/4000), 2.5" LCD vs 1.8", more control options on the camera vs in the menu, LCD on top as well as back, incremental ISO (1/3 stop increments), more customization, much better build quality - but it's bigger and heavier.

I would suggest handling both. Some people prefer the lighter, smaller XT and some prefer the more solid 30d.

In the end, the camera has more features - most of which appeal to the advanced ameteur/ prosumer. The question is - do you need or want those features? The biggest benefit, IMO, is to sports and wildlife shooters who benefit from the more advanced focus system, higher frame rate and build quality.

If you don't need them though, you might want to consider the XTi over the XT as it's a pretty big improvement at less of a sticker shock difference.
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I have an XT and just bought a 30D. I can see a difference in focusing and quailty of shots with the 30D winning out. Also I really like th 5fps over the 3fps. I had considered buying an XTi body but the 30D was only about $250 more. Well worth the money.
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Since upgrading to a 40D I have decided to sell my XTi (Which I was going to keep as backup) for one (IMHO) big reason: The control wheel on the 40D is better than (insert your description here) compared to the 4 way buttons on the XTi.

This may be a small thing for others but for myself I have found the use use of full manual just as easy as Tv or Av when you have the added control of the wheel. As much as I used to argue with my friend about "just use the Tv or Av instead of manual" I am now happily eating crow as I get beeter at making adjustments with 2 wheels instead of one.

If the folks at Canon asked me I would tell them to dump the 4 way button stuff on the Rebel series and put the wheel on all of their DSLR's. There is enough of a difference in other features to maintain seperation between the X and D series to warrant the difference in pricing.

For myself, there is not enough of a difference in price to go with a camera that does not include the back wheel on the D series.

I actually breathed a sigh of relief (Buyer remourse from the recent 40D purchase) when I looked at the announcement from Canon that showed the XSi still having the 4 way button setup on the back.
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