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When it comes to: noise at high ISO and focusing at lower light levels are the differences between these two cameras "noticable" to the average person or more so just to those who would know or "look" more closely? I know there are other differences but these are the two that had the most meaning to me.

Thanks for your comments.

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There are, especially in AF, it's simply great on 40D.

Found and intresting article by Google:
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I would certainly look at the 450D which will be available soon. AF is supposed to be a lot better and so is image quality, both of course will have to be proven by some tests and reviews. Still looks very promising and much more of a competitor to the 40D than the 400D.
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Check out the link, and I would ask the question of what is it you want the camera to shoot? Yes there are major gains having the the 40D over the 400D, but will you notice them, I can't answer that without knowing more of how you want to use the camera. One of the biggest gains that people don't take into consideration when buying cameras is the glass you will be using with it. If I used basic/entry glass on any of my cameras I would not get the quality they are able to produce, on the flip side using good glass on an entry level camera will give very good results indeed.

Let us know more info so we can put some meat onto the bones for you in choosing your new camera.


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This is a little off topic from the first post, but while you're on the topic of differences between the Rebel XTI and 40D would one of you more knowledgable photographers shed some light on this.....I've read that the Rebel XTI has difficulty shooting subjects with high contrast backgrounds (like a bright overcast sky or bright window), does the 40D as well?

thanks in advance for entertaining my tangent

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