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Default My Digital Rebel came with a 32MB CF card!

Got the last Digital Rebel at Best Buy in Lynnwood, WA (Northgate Best Buy a few miles away was sold out but I played with the display model) today.

Everything seemed normal until I went to put in my 512MB CF card. I open the CF slot and see a 32MB Canon card already in there! Turns out there are some shots from a S230 on the card, along with a short video taken in what looks like Best Buy. Guess I got a little bonus, but makes me wonder if I should get open box discount instead of a free CF card that I don't really need? Hehe.

So far I like it. Hard to say so far, I think as long as the pictures look good I'll be able to live with whatever limitations it has. Only have the kit lens so far, going to get the 50 1.8 tomorrow. Already called and got my name on the list for the 70-200 F4L. Good thing my birthday is this month.

Oh yea, pictures.

The obligatory cat picture, full size included (go through my sig into the misc gallery). Straight from camera (RAW converted to JPG) except saved as level 6 JPG to save space. Parameter 2, so normal sharpening/contrast/saturation.

This is one that was on the CF card that was in the camera. Guess someone had a film Nikon (what's film? who's Nikon? ) they wanted pictures of.
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Default Update

Well I went back and got 10% open box discount. I didn't even say which camera, just that it wasn't supposed to come with a card. It was easy...I wonder if I scare them because I'm tall. They didn't even want the CF card back (only fits 3-4 RAWS so its virtually useless).

Then I went and got the 70-200 F/4L and went for some shots. I added 5 new ones to my Digital Rebel gallery. http://www.pbase.com/the_photo_tuell/digital_rebel

They are handheld, some at ISO 400. Only the 2 blue butterfly shots have been edited, just adjusted the brightness +40. The duck shot looks pretty good to me at full size (could be better of course, but for handheld, first day with new lens and second day with camera I'm happy).
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