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Default FEATURES => EOS-300D vs. EOS-10D ??

I am relatively new when it comes to digicams and digital photography. What important features have been removed from the EOS-300D when compared to the EOS-10D? Please explain (in plain English) ????

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It's right here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canoneos300d/

The key differences are:
1. Mirror instead of prism in the viewfinder
2. All the customized functions were removed, ie you can't customize the camera or switches to your liking.
3. The AF one shot, AI servo etc... selection is now more restrictive and limited to what program mode you're on.
4. Some flash limitation, even though the wireless feature is still there

... and the ability to use the new shrink-down EF-S "digital" lenses with an offset alignment mark. The 2nd selection rear wheel is also removed so some selection require a little more dexterity I guess

The plus is it has a remote control available! To do it on the 10D will require a whole Tx/Rx expensive set-up! :lol:
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First off, have you looked around on this forum for this answer? I know I've talked about it several times. Repeating myself gets a bit tiring after awhile.

Also, since I already own the 10D, I really didn't look that closely at the 300D. So I could easily have missed some of them. Here are some differences from my memory. Please look around for more info.

First off, if you are that new to photography, I might suggest that you don't get a camera that expensive or involved. This is not a point and shoot camera... and if you use it that way, you will have wasted a lot of money. On the other hand, if you purchased a G3 or G5, and found you really loved photography, then you'd have to get something more powerful/flexible some time later. Nothing wrong with that (having a smaller companion camera when you canít bring the 300D and the lenses is a good thing. Itís a problem I run into with my 10D. Itís just too much to bring to some things.

Oh, and I bet that Steve talks about this in more detail in his ďfirst lookĒ at the 300D. I would suggest reading it! (Again, I havenít, but Iím not going to buy the camera.)

On to the differences!

All cameras have a memory buffer. This buffer is used to store the pictures before they are written to the CF card. This is required because writing to CF requires a lot of power, so there isnít enough power to do anything other than write the picture (i.e. you picture taking.) In the 10D, this buffer is 9 pictures deep. So it can take 9 pictures in a row without any delays at all. In the 300D, the buffer is only 4 pictures deep. This means if you take action pictures, you will be forced to stop taking pictures sooner.

The 300D takes 2.5 pictures a second. The 10D takes 3 per second. Not much of a difference. But for some people it matters.

The highest ISO setting is 1600 for the 300D. The 10D is 3200. This means it can take pictures in lower light. The quality isnít good at allÖ. Muddy is a good description. But at least you got the picture. The 300D canít do it.

The 300D has fewer automatic exposure modes. I donít use them, so I couldnít tell you if it matters.

The 300D doesnít have flash exposure compensation. The 10D does. If you donít plan on getting a flash, then it doesnít matter. If you do, it is helpful when you want to tweak the flash output to improve the image.

There seems to be some difference between the supported metering modes. The 300D write-up says:
(3) Center weighted average metering (in manual exposure mode)

But the 10D doesnít have that clause ď(in manual exposure mode)Ē on it. Also, the evaluative metering can be locked to any AF point in the 10D, but it canít in the 300D (based on Steveís review.) The odds are you wonít care about this, but it can make a difference if properly used. It will allow you to better meter the scene for proper exposure and/or shutter speed in trickier situations.

Ok, Iím sick of reading these reviews to pick up more differences. Remember people here do this for fun. Doing it for people who donít care do it stuff for themselves is insulting (your time is worth more than ours?) and annoying.

There are also physical differences. There are fewer dials on the 300D, so settings that are trivial on the 10D, are hard on the 300D because you have to press a button to change how a dial works, and then work the dial. I would not want to do that while shooting. Sounds like Iíd miss shots trying to get it right.

There are probably other interface differences that I donít know about. One good point is that the 300D is smaller and lighter. Some people like that. After 2 hours of shooting, I wish the 10D was lighter, that is for sure!

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