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Just bought a 40D tonight. My first dslr. It came with a 28-135 IS lens as kit, $1199. at Best Buy. Well worth it. I thought long and hard as to which to buy especially considering the XSI is so new and there will probably be a 50D in April of 2009. The price has gone down so much I found it well worth it. Saw a head to head with the XSI on Cameralabs.com and the 40D had better detail in the small grass areas even though the XSI has more resolution lines. For me it's all in the detail.

It's a much heavier camera than the XSI which with my MS could be a drawback but I use a tripod almost all the time anyway. Good luck on whatever you choose.

Oh by the way Circuit City had the $1199 price tag and Best Buy came down from $1299 to price match. Best Buy also had the best Accident Insurance Coverage and was $30 cheaper than Circuit City.

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Hi Suzan!

I ended up getting a 40D too. I got it right before the rebate deadline. :-)

So far, I love it!

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I had an XTi, I bought a 40D then sold the XTi. The 40D is a much more solid camera than the Rebel series. Why buy an XTI, then get a battery grip so it feels like a 40D? I mean, why not get the 40D in the first place.
Sure, there is a price differential, but it sounds to me like you want the 40D.:-)

For a walkaround lens for the streets of SF, I might suggest the Sigma 18-200 OS . I have it, it's not the sharpest in the world, but it's light and has a good range.


tapout13 wrote:
Your'e right Jim. It is the Sigma. Many tell me to get that if I can't afford the Canon. I just can't decide over the xti w/grip or 30d/40d. The grip made the xit feel like a 30d/40d but it still had a plastic feel. And since I wouls like to get into sport(mma,boxing,surfing) in the near future having the 5fps+ sounds useful. Though an mma photogrpaher told me he used an xti and it does the job.

Jim what walk around lens would you reccomend for the streets od sf? thanks
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Keep your eye on the 40D - the price has come down $200 here.

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